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12-13-2010, 04:31 AM
In contradiction to most cosmologists’ opinions, two scientists have found evidence that the universe may have existed for ever

WHAT happened before the beginning of time is — by definition, it might be thought — metaphysics. At least one physicist, though, thinks there is nothing meta about the question at all. Roger Penrose, of Oxford University, believes that the Big Bang in which the visible universe began was not actually the beginning of everything. It was merely the latest example of a series of such bangs that renew reality when it is getting tired out. More importantly, he thinks that the pre-Big Bang past has left an imprint on the present that can be detected and analysed, and that he and a colleague in Armenia have found it.

The imprint in question is in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). This is a bath of radiation that fills the whole universe. It was frozen in its present form some 300,000 years after the Big Bang, and thus carries information about what the early universe was like. The CMB is almost, but not quite, uniform, and the known irregularities in it are thought to mark the seeds from which galaxies — and therefore stars and planets — grew.

Dr Penrose, though, predicts another form of irregularity — great circles in the sky where the microwave background is slightly more uniform than it should be. These, if they exist, would be fossil traces of black holes from the pre-Big Bang version of reality. And in a paper just published in arXiv.org, an online database, he claims they do indeed exist. - source (and read more) (http://www.economist.com/node/17626874)



Dendritic Xylem
12-13-2010, 05:22 AM
The seeds of galaxies, stars and planets.....very cool :cool:

Humans are so obsessed with the concept of time as a series of events, we even try to associate an age with the Universe.

01-15-2011, 08:47 PM
The following is channelled material. I happened upon it when I was going through the website of a scientist who noted that it embodied some of his own insights/conclusions.

I would have liked to trim it more, but didn't want to truncate the continuity of progression.

The point most directly related to this thread highlighted in bold.
__________________________________________________ ____

The Great Scientific Bias

Quickly it occurs, does it not, the transition between Human Beings and one who is channelling a message from beyond? Perhaps it is a little too quick for those who would be in judgment about what is taking place here? But what my partner did not tell you is that there is no actual transition, since I'm always "under the surface" with him. This is his choice to have the energy of me in this way... to be able to flip back and forth in the messages of love between him speaking and me speaking. So we say to you, Human Being, that any of you can get to the place where there is little or no transition between you speaking and your Higher-Self speaking.

What I wish to speak about this day is difficult to define. I let my partner come up with a title for this channelling, for humans enjoy that. They want to realize a "compartmentalization of expectation." They wish to have some kind of identity process on everything they do, so I'll let him do it. For what I'm going to speak of is perception of dimensionality like I never have before. I wish to give you some of the mechanics of it, and a little bit about how it works, and also a little bit about what my partner calls the creation of the wild card... those things that you don't expect or don't believe in. So I have to start with an example.

Let me introduce you to Henry and Mary, they are cartoon characters, stick figures on a piece of paper. They are two dimensional. Of course, they are intelligent, since this is a parable. [Kryon smile] Their lives are not complicated, and they are simple stick figures. They have everything figured out. They even have love. The two dimensionality of their lives is all they have ever known, and they are pleased with it. They know the parameters of the piece of paper they're on, and they're happy with them. That's all they have ever had. They know what they can do and what they cannot do. Henry and Mary are satisfied and content with their reality.

Along comes a free thinker, one who has been drawn a little different. This odd character begins to speak to both of them about the potential of a third dimension... the idea of "up and down." He speaks of 3D instead of 2D, as they currently enjoy. It's the beginning of the concept of a kind of reality that they have never seen, and one they don't feel they participate in, nor can they really understand it.

Let's look at what Henry and Mary do with this information. First, they don't comprehend it. It's a little too high-minded for them. Second of all, it is outside of their reality, so they're not really that interested. They don't have to use it, so to them it's conjecture and so they don't believe it really is important or exists. It becomes a fantasy of science, something that will never pertain to Henry and Mary, who after all, are 2D drawings on a piece of paper.

There are many who sit and read this 2D piece of paper who are similar. Anything out of your 3D reality doesn't interest you. Not by choice, but because you are part of the paradigm that always was... a paradigm in 3D that you have lived all your life. It's a reality that is difficult to think beyond, and many really could care less about studying it. After all, what's wrong with the reality they are in? It works.

The new shift that is upon you is one of quantumness. It is going to require the Human Being to understand more about what is around them, which is invisible to them, but which is very real. They must come to an understanding, and therefore a belief, that not all things are viewable and understandable within 3D thinking, and that there is so much more that is actually part of their world, but requires a logic beyond what they are used to in order to comprehend it.

The best way I can begin this study in the time allotted is to take you on a journey and give you some information. There will be some things in this message that will be interesting to those who love science. To others who are not science minded, it might not relate, but they can still participate in the analogy that I'm giving, and understand the lesson.

I wish to take you to a real place, but for today, it must be only in your creative mind. The place is real, but you can't go there at the moment... not yet. The interesting thing is that each of you has actually been where I'm taking you, when you were not on Earth. It was before you were ever Human, and we spent time here. It's an unbelievably beautiful place. The view is, shall we say, unearthly. I want to take you just outside and above your own galaxy, looking at the spiral from above. Come with me for a moment. Pretend for a moment that the pressures of space and the temperatures don't apply to your Human body. None of those things matter, for you're in a protected bubble that is your spiritual self. All together, we go and we will watch this magnificent sight.

As a Human Being, you're struck with the silence of space, not understanding or even appreciating the fact that every single star sings a song. I hear them all. Silence to you is a symphony to me. For the vibratory rates of the light that is emitted from the stars all combine into a chorus, a manipulation of vibrational sonority that is beautiful. The universe sings to me, for I am quantum. The parts of you that are quantum are beginning to broach past the three-dimensional parts. That meld, that confluence, is going to create paradigms of thought that are different from any others on the planet. For there has been no time on the planet like this one, where you're asked to think out of the box of your comfortable reality, and go beyond the wall of your natural bias. Look at your galaxy with me for a moment. The beautiful spiral of it, is all moving slowly together as one... rotating slowly like a plate of lights. Take it all in.

I give you science today. I give you knowledge today that will only come about and be known within your future. And because of the transcriptions that are taken today, there will come a time when you will point to this particular message and say, "Kryon was right." And when you do, when the science confirms what I tell you today, I want you to look at the entire message. Because then your belief factor will also know that I speak truth when I speak about your relationship to Spirit, to the creator in you. I'm right when I talk about what is in front of you and your future, and the only reason I give you the science now is because your linearity and your bias will connect them in the future. "As goes one, goes the other," you'll say, "therefore I will pay attention to all that is said."

Looking at the Galaxy

It's beautiful, isn't it, as we are suspended here above your home Galaxy? In what you call the silence of this moment, looking at the galaxy moving so slowly, spiraling all together as one, it's unbelievable, unearthly, spectacular beyond words. Now I take you inside and tell you a little bit of what's happening that is a mystery to your science. There are odd things out here that don't fit earthly paradigms or rules. They don't fit your physics.

Henry and Mary, the two stick figures on the page, had scientists also. They had their 2D laws for physics, and that's all they needed. Everything worked just fine as long as they stayed on the page. You have four laws of physics, because you're in technically in 4D, and those laws work just fine. Those laws have proven themselves over and over, and as long as you stay in 4D (which you call 3D), they will always work.

Here's an esoteric question for you. Take a look at the stick figures Henry and Mary. How many laws of physics are there really for the 2D characters? Is there a whole set that encompasses multi-dimensional reality, or just enough to satisfy 2D? The answer should be obvious. Physics is complete no matter how you perceive it. Therefore Henry and Mary are only aware of, believe in, and are using, 2D, but all the laws are still there... ready to be discovered. 3D may not be something the stick figures understand, but it sits there ready, anyway. So extend that thinking and let me ask you this, three-dimensional creature: If I told you there were six laws of physics, covering a dimensionality that you don't see, how many are there for you? The answer is the same as for Henry and Mary. There are more than you know about, even if you are only aware of, and actively using, the four you have.

Do you see? The four laws you have, work fine. There is nothing wrong with them, but there are more, and that's why we take you here above your galaxy to show it all to you, and to present something that astronomers also can see. Look: Something is weird with the way the galaxy is moving. Did you notice?

We've given you the two additional laws of physics before, and this is not the time to explain them again. But when you get into an interdimensional realm, you're looking at multi-dimensional energies that must contain more information than your current physics. You have four laws now. Call them Newtonian, Euclidian, Einsteinium if you wish. These are the ones that brought you to where you are today. But now gaze with me at your spiral galaxy for a moment and watch it move. It does not move like your solar system.

The laws you have of objects in motion carry with them a three-dimensional bias of consistency. Your science looks for empirical laws and they find what they believe is true for everything. But what they don't realize is that there is a bias applied. It only works in one direction... in 3D. If you apply the rules only on that one playing field of time, you can apply linear mathematics and figure out what you need from that. It's all in a straight line, all forward, never changing, always the same. You might say your science is biased in simple consistency!

"Kryon, what's wrong with that? Sounds find to me!" Here comes the free thinker who is saying: "Interdimensional things do not apply to 3D logic or bias. The laws of interdimensional weak and strong forces are beyond 3D understanding, and may even seem to be chaotic and inconsistent."

Let me give you a further explanation. Your solar system works like you expect it does. Within the kinds of physics you have applied to the way things move in space, you have objects that are closer to your sun that move faster, like Mercury, for example. Then there are objects further away from the sun that move slower (the outer planets). The laws of orbital mechanics are in play. The distance from the sun develops into the 3D laws of orbital mechanics based upon the rules you have discovered for gravity, mass, distance and speed. And the rules are correct...for 3-D. Again, it lets you send spacecraft to the planets, to be so precise, to meet them in orbit, to take pictures and analyze them.

But look for a moment with me right now... this is not the way your galaxy is moving. It's in an elegant motion that defies the law of the inverse square (a law that defines how energy dissipates with distance from the source). It defies the basic laws of gravity and force. It defies the simple, biased, singular attributes of the way things move in space. Look at your galaxy with me. Watch it spin. It's almost like it was on a platter. Everything moves together. Everything! It's all rotating at the same speed, relative to the center... like a giant wheel that is all connected. This giant platter behaves like all the stars are pebbles, and are somehow glued to the fabric of space, all moving together.

How can that be? What are you seeing? Let me give you a hint and a clue: We've spoken about the weak and strong interdimensional forces which are the undiscovered laws five and six of physics. The way your galaxy moves is all about what's at the center of the galaxy, and displays these forces. You think it's a black hole, but it isn't. There's far more to it than you would imagine. Have you noticed in physics there is always polarity? From the smallest atomic structure to the largest, there is always polarity. You also see this in magnetics. It's also hiding in gravity. It's a staple of energy everywhere, everywhere. There are always two kinds of energy, and they work against and with each other to create dimensional reality. Matter itself is one polarity of reality, and anti-matter is the other. Always look for the push and pull, for it will show the way to the answers to the most perplexing issues of physics.

At the center of every galaxy there are "the twins." The twins are in the middle of the Milky Way as well. You've got two energies: One pushes and one pulls. However, you see it in your perception as one giant Black Hole. You assume the gravity of the Black Hole is somehow gripping that spiral and making it spin together in an unusual fashion which violates all the laws of Newton. It's not so. What's happening in the center of your galaxy is beautiful. It is an elegant interdimensional force that is not gravity, which spreads through the entire region of your entire galaxy, a force that glues it together in a way that you do not have laws to explain... yet. In addition, there is something hiding that science is only now beginning to wrestle with.

All this explanation, to get to a place of logic for you that will broach a very big issue. Simply stated it is this: When you step into interdimensional physics, and this includes the energies of what you call spirituality, you will find something you didn't expect: Consciousness... physics with an attitude. The interdimensionality of your galactic center has consciousness. It has to. Anything interdimensional is aligned with creation. I'm speaking of things you don't understand. These are high minded, sometimes unbelievable attributes that haven't really been broached in this way before. When you break the linear logic wall down from what you expect in linear physics, you're going to run up against things that don't make sense to your bias. They won't make sense... not just because they're in a quantum state, but they contain something else that "consistent 3D science" does not wish to accept... intelligence in physics.

Your science is very proud of the Big Bang Theory. They have it all figured out and they have a timeline for it. This is really funny to us! How can you have a timeline for a quantum event? There is no time in a quantum state, yet they have it all figured out. They've even figured out that there's a residue they can measure that proves they're right. How clever of them!

Let me ask you something, if you smell that wonderful residue aroma of bread cooking in the kitchen, what does that tell you? Does it say, "bread was cooked here four billion years ago" or does it say, "it's being cooked now"?

It's the bias of straight line thinking in a singular time dimension that smells the bread and calculates how long ago it was cooked! There is no understanding that the quantum event of the "Big Bang" is still happening. It explains the energy of Universal expansion. It even begins to explain the "energy of what you can't see." The "residue" they measure is the proof of the reality of an event still in progress as you see it in 3D, but an event that is the reality of creation, within a quantum state.

Look at what a 3D mismatch the current theory is: How could everything have come from nothing, then at a speed greater than the speed of light, instantly expanded, violating every law of current physics, to create the current mass of the universe in a nano-moment? Yet the bias of singular linear thinking lets all that happen in the time line of an instant... and they have it all figured out.

Let me tell you something I have never, ever described to you before. The center of your galaxy spit out the matter that is you. Science has it backwards. The twins in the center of your galaxy lead to the twins in the center of all the other galaxies. Millions of them, billions of them. They're all connected in a way you cannot fathom outside of space, outside of time, like strings between friends who have consciousness. Not the kind of intelligence and consciousness that you see in your brain, no. Instead it's a benevolence, an intelligent glue that postures the universe in love. I told you that you wouldn't understand all of this. This is high-minded, high-thinking, and many are simply not ready for it."

06-24-2011, 01:46 AM
"it's being cooked now"?

Or are things as they are maybe because they were as they were? In other words what we perceive as now is actually an echo from the past, thought to be the present. Just thinking loud.

I listened to a speech by Rupert Sheldrake just know and he said that we have begun to reclaim the Earth (our ecological awareness), but we have failed to bring together astrology with astronomy. We have given a goddess to the earth, but not to the sky. What the ancient called the great womb (mother of god, mary etc...).

So much shit going on down here; who's got the time to look up?


06-24-2011, 02:04 AM
"it's being cooked now"?

Or are things as they are maybe because they were as they were? In other words what we perceive as now is actually an echo from the past, thought to be the present. Just thinking loud. :

"If you smell that wonderful residue aroma of bread cooking in the kitchen, what does that tell you?"

It tells me Dev just finished baking my noodle... :)