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01-04-2009, 01:00 AM
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Hello All,

I am just getting my feet wet using the Wet Method. After precipitating the mixed salt solution (using Bokek DSS, and/or Celtic Salts mixed with mineral water, boiled, filtered, and slowly titrated with a 16:1 dilution of NAOH), I want to drop the pH from 10.7 to about 9. I was going to shoot for 8.5, but then I read Solomon Levi's post about going to 9 and it makes sense to me

I've read where some drop the pH with lemon juice but don't like the idea because the "juice" is perishable, or where distilled white vinegar is used but I hate the smell and taste of DWV, another option would be some SmartFG but can't seem to find any, so that leaves me with hcl.

I am looking for an online source that delivers to a home (I am fighting ataxia) and came across this source:

"Brand/Grade: This is 38% (w/w) concentration made by Air Products (formerly
Ashland), Cleanroom/Semiconductor grade, high purity, low particulate."

The cost is about $58. which includes delivery for a 500ml bottle.

I will probably dilute with 125% of distilled water which in my guess-estimate would bring the pH to close to 3, which is safer to use and handle, but should still be effective. I will also wash the precipitate before and after the pH drop with distilled water.

I would appreciate any opinions on the source/price and quality for ingestion. It sounds to me as if the quality is pure enough.

Thanks in advance for the help,
2 gallons of Muriatic acid at Lowes for $9.98

a much better, cheaper deal.
That's what I use.
I posted this in your introduction thread, but also felt it would serve a great purpose in this thread.

About the HCl, you can distill some of the dead sea/ocean salt to obtain a philosophical hydrochloric acid. Just lightly dry distill the salt, bubble the hydrogen chloride fumes through some distilled water, and voila you have philosophical HCl! I think John French's book "The Art of Distillation" mentions this method.

You can only reach a certain percentage with this, but even then, it's just as strong as muriatic acid from the store (MUCH more pure I suppose). The percentage, if my memory doesn't fail, should be 38%. This is "concentrated" hcl, and honestly, I can't think of many other uses for higher grade HCl (I must dilute my concentrated acid before use).