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12-25-2010, 12:15 AM
Source: Rosarium Philosphorum

Know therefore that copper, which is the gold of the Philosophers, is their gold, but Senior said "Our gold is not common gold". And you have sought after the greenness, thinking that copper had been a leprous body by reason of that greenness which it hath. Whereupon, I tell you that all that is perfect in copper is only that greenness which is in it, because that greenness is by our magistery quickly turned into our most pure gold, and this we have tried, but you can by no means prepare the stone without green and liquid Duenech, which is seen to grow in our minerals. 0 blessed greenness, which engenders all things. You know that no vegetable and fruit appeareth in growing but it is of a green colour. Know therefore, that the generation of this thing is green, wherefore the Philosophers have called it their growing or springing. And likewise, they have called it water of their purification or putrefaction, and they spoke the truth, because it is purified by their water or purified from its blackness. It is washed and it maketh it white and afterwards red. Know therefore, that there is no true tincture, but of our Copper, decoct it therefore with his soul, grind it, and do thus, until the spirit be conjoined with his body and be made in one, and you shall have your desire. The wisemen have given many names to it, but consider you only of that matter which sticketh to Argent vive and to the bodies, and you shall have the true knowledge and science.

cuivre (French)
1. copper

couper (French)

1. To cut, cut up
2. To chop

couver (French)

1. To brood (an egg)
2. To mollycoddle (keep someone or something safe)

coupe (French)

1. goblet, cup

couvrir (French)

1. to cover up, to cover (put a cover over)
2. to cover (feature, discuss, mention)

eau vert = green water
eau verre = glass water
eau ver = worm water

Source: Fulcanelli - Dwellings

(10) Translator’s note: Brass in French is "laiton", very close to the word Lato or Latone meaning Latona.
(11) Linguists believe, moreover, that Leto is close to Lathein, secondary aorist infinitive form of Lanthanein, meaning kept hidden, concealed to the eyes, to be hidden or unknown, which is in accordance with the dark sentence we will soon see.

[B] --- IV. This luminous and crystalline salt, first being of the Divine Body, in a second stage, will form a coppery glass. It is our copper or brass, and the green lion.

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This is a little snippet of something I've been working on. Thought I would post it for you all!

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eau vert = green water
eau verre = glass water
eau ver = worm water

père vert = green father ? ? ?

12-25-2010, 01:19 AM
père vert = green father ? ? ?

Hi Androgynus, in my opinion, père vert is not a match for eau vert.

solomon levi
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lol! perhaps he was making a pun? Pervert!

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lol! perhaps he was making a pun? Pervert!

Haha, yeah I caught that one too. :D

Our chalice eh?