View Full Version : enough heat?

01-10-2011, 07:54 PM
I was reading in one of my books, about making Oils, etc and they said enough heat would be about what a Hot Water Tank gives off. Anyone know how warm that is? Would me putting them on my Electric Heater in my room be enough or to much? Its a cold room usually so the heat stays on between 20-30 Celsius.


01-11-2011, 04:33 AM
Thats 68-86 Fahrenheit

01-11-2011, 04:58 AM
Im not sure how youre making the oils - if youre wanting to extract the oils from plants and such, then yes, id say having them in a jar with some sort of medium (some use water, some use wine or pure alcohol, etc...) that heat should be fine. Slow and steady.
No harm in trying, so long as the container can take the heat (which that sounds more like room-temperature, to warm, so shouldnt be a problem there), so try it and see what ya get. Good luck! :)


01-11-2011, 07:02 PM
Hi JDuncan, your post is a little ambiguous. Are you talking about distilling essential oils from plants? Usually steam distillation is used. Alternatively, you can add your freshly chopped plant material to a flask, fill it with water, and then distill on a hot water bath. The temperature you're looking for is around 120-150F. Might need to go higher depending on the volatility of the oil you're trying to obtain.

Hope that helps.