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01-21-2011, 08:49 AM
Here is a great and fun little alchemically-oriented novel. Sorry. I don't have the text, but here is the audiobook.


Here's the table of contents to wet your whistle.

01 - South Polar Gold

02 - The Magician of Science

03 - The Grand Teton Mine

04 - The Wealth of the World

05 - Wonders of the New Metal

06 - A Strange Discovery

07 - A Mystery Indeed!

08 - More of Dr. Syx's Magic

09 - The Detective of Science

10 - The Top of the Grand Teton

11 - Strange Fate of a Kite

12 - Better Than Alchemy

13 - The Looting of the Moon

14 - The Last of Dr. Syx

I really enjoy alchemically-oriented novels. Anyone have any other good titles to share? Any discussion on this title?

01-21-2011, 06:16 PM
Oh wow, i wasnt aware anyone else had listened to that book. I did about a year or so ago - it was a neat little thing. :)

As for other alchemical novels, or novels with alchemical principles - i really enjoyed the Amber Chronicles - its 10 books, sold as one large tome-type book on Amazon, my brother got it for me as a birthday present and i couldnt put it down. There is alot of alchemical meaning in it, with a great story - imo.

Back to this one - i like the description of the "moon metal" - very peacock's tail-ish. ;)