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01-04-2009, 01:52 AM
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I was wondering if anyone has applied Chaos Magic or Ceremonial Magic to alchemy... or used alchemical concepts in rituals etc?

Magic = Art and alchemy is the Sacred Art, nothing new about that but I am asking this question because I am wondering if the symbols and concepts of alchemy has spilled over into the actions of those that practice magic(k)?

There have after all always been a close link between alchemy and magic(k), but it would be interesting to hear from practicing magicians what has been used, if any, from the world of alchemy and why?
Good question!

The general consensus amount alchemists is that alchemy IS a magickal art, and not much different than magick itself. Any process involving the Universal Spirit is determined to be a magickal act. Certain processes of alchemy deal extensively with the Universal Spirit, and these processes are perhaps the most important aspect of alchemy. The true art of alchemy involves the manipulaion and fixation of these forces.

Magickians tend to perform the same type of stuff when they practice certain magickal operations. The best example is prana manipulation of some sort. The prana of the magickian is the same Universal Spirit of the alchemist. However, magickian's can never hope to crystallize pranic energy into a physical stone without proper laboratory equipment and processes.

Once an alchemist has accomplished the true Opus Magnum (not a lesser work) he/she can use the stone for medicine, transmutation, or an energy booster for magickal spells/ceremonies/rituals. So really alchemy is just a highly evolved form of magick, more refined, and suited to the physical/spiritual realm's. There is a reason why alchemy is THE final step, and is often the last step of any initiate into the great arcane arts. Alchemy is the way in which humans can obtain perfection, and currently no other known method exists.
I evoke spirit teachers in ceremonial magick to learn about Hermetic Alchemy and Kabballah . And when I sit with peers in sacred space , teachers will appear ." When the student is ready the teacher will appear "

I began working as a clairvoyant , then as a shamyn , then as a medium ,and then various teachers piqued interest in spiritual alchemy ; Christ , Buddha , Rhiannon , Kuthumi , Bardon , Bailey , Monroe , Levi , Blavatsky and others appeared to us in circle . Our path lead from mediumship to mysticism where we projected to realms in the Higher Planes to learn about the cosmology of the human spirit and the transmutation of it with Alchemy . We were taught Kaballah and lead by angels , avatars and demons into realms to learn . We found that Hermetic Magick facilitated all of these magical workings . .

So for me and my peers in this order we braided Magick into our pathworking ;mediumship , healing , mysticism , projection in trance , initiatic magick , ceremonial magick , Kaballah , Hermetic Magick , Alchemy , Manifestation Magick, and so it goes .