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01-04-2009, 01:54 AM
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Why is alchemy a pseudo-science?

I am aware of why it is not part of the scientific community in this modern age... yet I am stunned that it is NOT!

How can alchemy be re-phrased and re-thought to attract real scientists?
Simply put: there is too much symbolism and secrecy. Not only that, but alchemists KNOW that the philosopher's stone can transmutate base metal into gold and that the consumption of the stone results in remarkable health/mental/psychic benefits.

Any government will have an agenda to keep such a secret hidden. They don't need people manufacturing gold from lead. Too many people might become rich!
It then brings down the price of gold because so much is put into circulation.
Actually there is already a lot of gold, it is just kept secret in order to keep its value high.

Kind of like the diamond business a la Blood Diamond (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Diamond_%28film%29)!

01-13-2009, 01:27 AM
How can alchemy be re-phrased and re-thought to attract real scientists?

Most 'real' scientists only know what they've read and spend most of their life practising that without contributing much so i don't see them as much of a loss.

In India the govt has woken up to the fact that their writings contain much practical wisdom and have started studying them for applications.

I would be amazed if there werent very talented chemists in the employ of the powerful families seeking to harness the talent of transmuting metals. They most certainly believe in it. If it was good enough for the Medicis.....

02-20-2009, 11:06 PM
It is most entertaining that Aristotle invented the Scientific Method and Roger Bacon reinvented the Scientific Method of Aristotle by studying ancient Greek manuscripts which were deemed to be not worth the precious time of all the 'learned men at the universities'. Aristotle and Roger Bacon were both alchemists. The irony..... How could 'pseudo-scientists' create the standards that are held in great esteem by every scientist nowadays? I suppose its only a human characteristic to suppose most of the time that we ourselves hold the finest answers.

It appears to be fate of most of these scientists to miss the truly important facts of life. The three Magi knew the miracle that took place when they saw the Star of the East, yet many could not even see the truth when it had become so much more apparent in the years beyond.

Albert Einstein says: "Intelligence without imagination is like a bird without wings." Many scientists lack the imagination or the courage that is needed to come upon with new ideas that might go against the multitude. Good decisions come from experience, experience comes from bad decisions. There is thus no success without trying and trying again. It requires the taking of risks.

Does alchemy truly need to attract 'real scientists'? I do not believe that it needs to be rethought and reworked. It does in this age what it has done in all the ages that have passed. A true alchemist cannot be trained and educated like a mechanic or a scientist, but is born that way. While others may be content with harnessing the most trivial of energies in their direct environment, it is not enough for the alchemist. The alchemist studies by day and night to figure out the causes behind everything. Why the stars are up there in the sky at night. Why a plant grows as it does. What the purpose of everything is. From what it has all been derived.

Alchemy has left its traces in the meanings, form and order of the letters of the alphabet, numbers, religions, teachings of secret societies, mythology, structures that have stood the test of time, stories for children, sayings, rituals and traditions such as that the man is dressed in black at his marriage, while his future wife is dressed in white. Those who are meant to find these signs, will not miss them.

The Art could certainly have been made much easier by the creation of a treatise that explains the underlying principles and exact method of work, but that would defy the purpose. The idea is not merely that there are more people in the world who create wealth out of nothing filled more with pride than wisdom. In a time such as this that would only inflict more pain upon the world. The whole purpose is that one acquires the necessary skills that prove that such a grand gift is in good hands for the betterment of the world. It teaches self reliance, logic, perseverance and virtue. What good would it do when the guardians of the world turn to others when faced with the tougher problems? If it ever would have to come to that, then the world is truly doomed.

Due to the technologies that have become available, it would nevertheless not be strange to see the interest in alchemy increase.

02-26-2009, 01:23 AM
You raise some valid points... modern science can indeed also prove/disprove the alchemical art - as well as improve it!

The greatest gift that alchemy needs now - in my opinion - is an understanding of its allegorical symbolism that is no longer necessary because there is no longer any danger in thinking/talking about these concepts. The fairy tale / new age atmosphere of alchemy needs to be moved into the more serious philosophical and scientific realms.

This is what I hope for!


05-13-2009, 01:00 AM
I will say that the relation given to alchemy as "pseudo-science" is a fool's errand. What is science but a tool created by men to unearth the mysteries of our universe? What is technology but the arrogance of men believing they can rule the realms of nature which are above us? Science, Technology - at least in the modern day is the arrogance of men trying to shed off their mysterious roots in favor of a concrete solution to all their problems. However, a "concrete" solution will forever be impossible in a world in which is so spread in true reality that everything we believe in reality is an opinion of what our senses tell us. Those who believe that science and technology is the only truth refuse to acknowledge anything other than what their senses relay to us, even though there are things even our senses cannot detect. I tend to believe that the material world, science, technology happens because it is a way of distracting us. Testing us to see if we can understand that there is more to reality, more to existence than our senses can tell us. This plane is a test.

I see first density as being base existence, rocks, elements, atoms, the first plane of existence on the lower levels. I see second density as being the realm of existence in which includes the animals and all base life. I see third density as the first true stage in pursuing a link to the greater collective, it is like an evolution of soul and body. Hence, in order to move to fourth density thinking and progress, we must shed our belief that third density existence is our only truth. Thinking like such turns out to be a hindrance to our true path. Hence, those who are ready for enlightenment are often the ones who obtain it, so that those who are unworthy do not use and abuse it. A certain level of refinement in mind, body, and soul appears to be required for enlightenment.

The truth is extrasensory. Perception is sensory.

Just my input on this.