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solomon levi
03-11-2011, 10:29 PM
Well, I'd love for all this information to be wrong, but i don't think it is so.
This planet has an elliptical orbit - it's a cycle - unavoidable. And the historic evidence is solid.
You can read about it in the old Sumerian texts and the books of Zecharia Sitchin
It was also in the ancient Hindu texts called "the Destroyer".

Anyway, I don't really care to discuss it much - you either know these things or you don't.
But I was just thinking of the impact on alchemy and our group here.
IMO it's too late to be starting lab alchemy, although it's never too late, but there isn't really time enough
to achieve anything, save if you acquire some tinctures that awaken your dreaming and you could
get some messages that way.
One of the first things we may notice is the gravitational effect of this planet on our sun, and this will
begin to affect our electrical appliances and such, so we will lose the internet and our ability to communicate
this way. Expect to see that before 2012, even towards the end of this year - solar flares and such.
Since we have lots of holes in the once protective shield called the ozone layer due to our use of oil, etc,
things will be worse than ever before in that area.

You will also notice the increase of earthquakes from this gravitational pull. Just look at today, an 8.5
struck Japan, yesterday one struck China, and I think the day before another off the coast of Japan!

Anyway, just wanted to say, if you have any alchemical secrets to share, this would be the time. :)

I've also mentioned "alchemical" stir wands. You should know food and clean water will be in short supply,
and having one of these stir wands acts like the water goes farther, because you get more oxygenated, and
this is great for health too. So you don't need to drink as much water to get hydrated and oxygenated with
one of these stir wands. I have no affiliation with the stir wand people. I just know that they work and
are an amazing product.

solomon levi

Frater IA
03-12-2011, 02:41 AM
Beyond knowledge, I too feel the immense powers at play right now. I don't know how I feel about it. I have feelings both ways. My own vibration is increasing right now, and I'm doing as much as I can to project love into the world. But I am also worried. (probably ego kicking in there) I am worried for this physical life as the moon comes closer and the powers ebb and sway. Between tidal waves, coastal breaks, and the fact I don't live too far from some dormant volcanos this worries me. I know with this time that this world MUST change, I would like to be alive after the dust has settled to further progress the Great Work.

Donna Matrix
03-12-2011, 05:05 AM
Has anyone rad "the Pillars of Celestial Fire " by Robert Cox? I devoured this book. Basically he's saying that there is a huge pulse of energy coming from galactic center called "the Breath of God" that is going to affect every quantum particle and being in its wake that is not compatable with its vibration. Its the closest I've ever read to the christian idea of rapture. It sis destructive and redemptive all at the same time. Robert Cox describes himself as an alchemist and vedic scholar.

There is no doubt here that the earth is throwing off major negativity. Its happening in the human kingdon as well, with the revolutions in the Middle East.

A teacher of mine said that every evil thought that a person thinks is thrown into the aura of the earth. The Tibetans at the roof of the world used to clean this up for the world, they have stopped since the Chinese took over their land and destroyed the monasteries and the monks.

Frater, keep the love flowing! That, I feel is the highest service we can render at this time.

03-12-2011, 05:11 AM
I just recently had a dream, and while i wont bore with the details, suffice it to say this image sums it up, and i believe it fitting here:


Yep, i think that sums it all up...


06-06-2012, 07:31 PM
Here's a very informative video about Planet X. It contains quite a bit of scientific background concerning the subject. The video isn't all about destruction and doom, it begins to discuss the positive outcomes that could arise from such a astronomical situation at around 50 minutes into the film. Somehow I feel, as Solomon Levi may of mentioned, that the ideas surrounding 'Planet X' correspond well with the concept of Shiva/Siva The Destroyer/Rebuilder...



06-07-2012, 12:47 AM
pray :) if shumerian people are right :) I believe at 99,99% nibiru is here. you can watch alot of videos in ytb of nibiru in antartica and around the world. some days ago a tv meteorologist comenting a pic send from a TV viewer with 2 "suns" the idiot say, this is a optic effect :) fucking IDIOT.

some days ago a have a very vivid dream... I are walking in the center of my town and from a leviatan (a ufo half metalic half organism) floating low in the sky begins to strongly threat me... I are amazed but I continue walking. sometimes stop and look if the other people also see or hear the leviathan, but no response, the tipical zombie-like persons of everyday :)
after this, maybe because it does not work I are in my bed with no roof looking the space and even more vivid I see 3 planets coming to me!! :)
really fantastic! well this are terrible but when you can't do anithing for save your live... enjoy the show!! I see a unknown planet, jupiter and uranus all coming to me at fast speed, I can see the first planet more and more and more big over me!!! :) W O R D E L F U L, brutal! :)

well our sun in emiting a, perhaps, new particle and when the sun is in conjunction with the center of the galaxy... something brutal can happend, with this or with nibiru... but ignore the idiots, internet not work via satellite, internet work with undersea cables, satellites are only for devilis people/things.
but well if you die this is a instant transmutataion :) who need Pstones when you are a pure spirit ??? a pure spirit-being need rather than knowledge or power conscience. begins to separate you from your body mentally, in the end your body is only a bag.every day more burdensome.
of course if you get the PS you can choose to live untill you say enough! but if you have the possibility ggo to live in a remote area with water and food around, buy a lot of gatgets, radiotransceivers, geiger counters, solar power... amb build a house "proof bombed" suporting quakes of 10, etc, etc, etc.

03-18-2013, 09:39 PM
I was originally going to post this in the 2050 thread but it felt a little off topic but perfect for this thread. It has a lot of other names too such as nibiru, red kachina, wormwood, hercolubus, destroyer, or great king of terror. I believe some of those names and theories have to be a misunderstanding of what it really is. But the constant theme is it will return and destruction will ensue. I've read a great deal of information about it, almost every source I've read seems to point to it being here somewhere between 2040-2060 with 2050 being the most often cited.

I do wonder if it's all just made up but there has been so much talk about it I just don't really know. Of course the interesting part for me comes from understanding that humans are currently on the J curve. Looking at it from a scientific perspective something is going to eventually cut our population down. Not to say we're overpopulated right now but comparing the current population of our planet to lets say 500 years ago we have increased dramatically.