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Frater IA
03-28-2011, 03:47 AM
SOOOOO! My wife dragged me into one of those book stores where books are lying haphazardly around EVERYWHERE and it smells of cobwebs and mustyness. I started looking for older texts in english or ancient hebrew, found some stuff that was a mix of hebrew and latin, which is beyond me, then realized that it seemed like some jerks opinions on Dante's inferno. (Really, I think Dante was far more intelligent than people give him credit for, as well I think he was far less serious and intense than people make him out to be)

ANYWAY, I walked away with 4 books. 1 of which has ANYTHING to do with alchemy, but I figured I'd pass on all of it just in case anyone has read the others.

-Rosicrucian Manual from AMORC (what good Frater of my order would be without knowledge of the other orders than influenced his own so greatly)

-Mansions of the Soul from H Spencer Lewis (hmmm, another Rosicrucian text, one I am very interested in diving in to. I've heard it tell you much more about your souls journey)

-The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. (no clue about this one, cover makes it look almost like a childrens story, but, you never know, its written by a Michael Scott)

-Esoteric Rune Magic (it speaks on the back of a 24 rune Futhark, so I figured it can't be TOO copy and paste. Since the 24 rune Futhark is the elder and original, this is where I should be reading in a nutshell)

Love, Truth, and Knowledge my friends