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This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

This is something I've been working on quite recently, and it's really fascinating.

It has come to my attention that a transmutation with a particular type of silver might somehow be involved in the operation of UFOs. I don't have much to say at this point, because this research is so new. It's also possible I am the first person to publicly release this information. Anyway, I will attempt to give a rough overview of what I know on this subject, and hopefully I can go into more detail in my book.


1. The Bob Lazar Connection

"For vehicular propulsion Lazar claims that an unexpectedly stable element with atomic number 115 served as nuclear fuel. " - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Lazar

"The power source is a reactor which uses Element 115 as its fuel. In this reactor Element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small, highly sophisticated particle accelerator. When a proton fuses into the nucleus of an atom of Element 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom of Element 116. - http://www.karinya.com/travel3.htm

I believe the element 115 might actually be a coded reference. In the periodic table of elements there is something called the group (column), and the period (row). Please go here to better understand what I am talking about, http://updatecenter.britannica.com/eb/image?binaryId=7445&rendTypeId=4. Look in the upper left hand corner of the image, just below the title, and you will see it. Let me go off on a tangent here, locate "Ag" and "Au" on the periodic table of elements, these are respectively silver and gold. Look at which group number they are under, it's group 11. Now look at the period for Ag and Au, you will notice that Ag is on period 5 and Au is on period 6. These numbers shed light on many occult and alchemical secrets if you can only understand the full scope of this arrangement.

Now back to the story, I believe element 115 is actually a coded reference for group 11, period 5 or Ag/silver. The reference to transmutation mentions element 115 turning to element 116. This is actually pretty cool, because element 116 can be represented by group 11, period 6 or Au/gold! So we can effectively connect the Bob Lazar UFO story to alchemy.

2. John Lear & The Goldmine

John Olsen Lear (born December 4, 1942) is an accomplished former pilot and well-known Ufologist. He is the son of aviation pioneer, inventor and founder of the Lear Jet Corporation, Bill Lear.

John Lear is currently the owner and operator of Cutthroat Mining Corporation, the only permitted gold mine in Clarke County, Nevada. In 1999 he received the State of Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Award for site restoration of the Treasure Hawk Gold Butte mine. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_lear

This is another interesting connection to the Bob Lazar story. John Lear and Bob Lazar are known friends, and had a large amount contact prior to Bob Lazar releasing his information and doing the infamous interview. John Lear is a famous pilot, and did many missions for the CIA, he was in special ops, and has a super high level security clearance. Now I believe the Bob Lazar story is a front for the John Lear story. My reasoning is this: John Lear couldn't openly release his first hand knowledge of UFOs, so he had to use a proxy and thus chose Bob Lazar to be the outlet for his information. Bob Lazar might've worked for Area 51, and black ops, but it's known that John Lear DEFINITELY worked with black/special ops. It's possible they plotted together to release the information, but this is just speculation.

John Lear is now retired, and did a few famous talk radio interviews with the legendary Art Bell about UFOs. He obviously is well versed on the subject, which might be because of his special background. He owns and operates a GOLD mine in nevada. That says it all.

3. The Height 611 Story & The Spooky Ghost Metal

Height 611 UFO incident refers to a UFO crash claimed to happen in Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, USSR, on January 29, 1986. Height 611 (also known as Mount Izvestkovaya) is a hill located on the territory of the town.

Three days after the incident, a group of ufologists led by Valery Dvuzhilny climbed the hill. They discovered a landing ground 2x2 m in size (other sources indicate the size of the landing ground was 3x3 m). The ground looked like it was affected by very high temperatures. The rocks on the landing ground were covered with a black film, and remains of a burnt tree were found within the landing ground. The remains were not typical for a forest fire.[citation needed] Some of the rocks had drops of silvery metal, which were later determined to be lead. The type of lead found on Height 611 was different from the lead found in local lead deposits. Also, black glass-like drops and mesh particles were found on the site. In all, approximately 70 g of lead, 5 g of mesh particles, and 40 g of black drops were discovered. The radiation level on the landing ground was normal. The group took pictures of the site using two different cameras; however, the film later developed as blank.

The mesh particles were also analyzed. The material of which the particles were composed did not dissolve in potent acids and organic solvents even when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods of time. It was discovered that one of the mesh particles was composed of scandium, gold, lanthanum, sodium, and samarium. A different analysis of another mesh particle showed gold, silver, and nickel. After that particle was heated in a vacuum, the analysis no longer showed these elements; however, molybdenum and rhenium were detected.

The quantity of gold detected in one of the mesh particles translates to 1,100 g per one metric ton of ore. Normally, gold deposits start getting developed when the quantity reaches 4 per one metric ton. There are no gold mines in Dalnegorsk as none of the ores contain this amount of gold.

I will leave this story to your own intuition to sort out, but pay special attention to the mention of silver and the abnormal amounts of gold. Also take a look at the "nickname" of the mountain "Height 611." This is ANOTHER coded reference to gold on the periodic table of elements (6th period, and 11th group = Au)

I also found this interesting reference to silver and UFO's.

Website: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread197741/pg29

"Okay, if you know anything about ancient Sumer, then you would know Enki (or Ea, or Enki-Ea, all the same guy) . He supposedly built a ziggurat in ancient Sumer but the description of it is FAR from being a ziggurat. It's said to have been composed entirely of silver (not mud bricks covered in silver but entirely of silver). It's interior was a "tangled thread beyond understanding", the walls speak and give advice, it floats and hovers, and shines so brightly it lights up the area. Oh and it also "roars." I'm not making this up. It's in their ancient texts (see "Enki and the World Order"). This is not the description of a ziggurat. But if you were to see a depiction of Enki's ziggurat, it would be maybe four floors high, each floor a bit smaller than the one below it, with a glowing "Temple" on top, and have the appearance of a throne (such as the Emperor's throne in the Emperor's Palace, Forbidden City, China) or the typical UFO model (the saucer, but in this case, with squared corners and a lighted, glowing dome on top)." - Undo

Another reference: http://www.thestargates.com/book/page1.html#4

An artfully made bright crenellation rising out from the abzu was erected for lord Nudimmud. Enki, the lord who determines the fates, built up his temple entirely from silver and lapis lazuli. Its silver and lapis lazuli were the shining daylight. [...]

Your door is a lion who {seizes a man - (I added this: alien abduction anyone?) } [...]

Its brickwork makes utterances and gives advice. [...]

He built the temple from precious metal, decorated it with lapis lazuli, and covered it abundantly with gold. [...]

As it has been built, as it has been built; as Enki has raised Eridug up, it is an artfully built mountain which floats on the water.
Yeah it is all about Ningishzidda (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=4) and his/her family tree from the stars and beyond. But who knows what really went on?

The Sumerians are really interesting and worth studying. I feel that the very root of alchemy can be traced to this strange race of people!

That may have some to do with it, but I believe the real story is much more complex and involves many other things than just Ningishzidda. Everything in my original and second post is connected with one another in some way, and those things are connected with alchemy and possibly ORMEs, but I'm not sure about the ORMEs theory yet.
Great topic... just what we need!

but I'm not sure about the ORMEs theory yet.
ORM in Swedish = Snake!

Yes it is all connected... Ningishzidda is just DNA as I see it and although important not the whole picture!

Afraid it dosnt hold much sway with me, I discredit most authors who want to talk about their alien experiances after all lets face it, bull-shit sell's books!

Not to mention they get paid to go on talk show's and talk about making love to ET. Sorry, but alien hidden agenda, sounds like a pipe dream!

Not to mention they could publish such material freely online without attaching a 9.99 price tag for the story.

Take a long hard look at Bob Lazar, long hair, goatie, looks just like a hippy radical from the sixties. I suppose all those police charges against him for being on drugs and soliciting sex from minors was all trumpt up so we dont really know hes a secret engineer for area-51. Please!!!

Be sceptical, scrutinize such people, hippy whos high and likes to get his rocks off sounds far more likely! Everytime you buy his book your helping him become more deluded.

But dont get me wrong I am as open to the concept of life on other worlds as the next man, but you have to be cruel to be kind, I have never seen a UFO and I have to ask you, have you? Do you see them often? Do they speak to you? If so perhaps you need a differant kind of alchemy? I think they call it being sectioned and given meds!

Take a long hard look at Bob Lazar, long hair, goatie, looks just like a hippy radical from the sixties. I suppose all those police charges against him for being on drugs and soliciting sex from minors was all trumpt up so we dont really know hes a secret engineer for area-51.
This is exactly why I made the claim that Bob Lazar is only a proxy, and John Lear was the guy that really worked at Area 51

But dont get me wrong I am as open to the concept of life on other worlds as the next man, but you have to be cruel to be kind, I have never seen a UFO and I have to ask you, have you?
I have seen a large triangular craft, absolultely silent, with three large white lights in each corner of the triangle. The thing was either a MILITARY aircraft, or a craft from another world. Either way, you don't have to believe me.

Do you see them often? Do they speak to you? If so perhaps you need a differant kind of alchemy? I think they call it being sectioned and given meds!
Malt_Draught, please keep an open mind with these things. I am not just spitting out dribble with this research. I believe it truthfully holds some sway. Did you read my post fully, and did you understand it completely? Otherwise, I wouldn't really nay-say too much without fully grasping my post. Meh, I just thought it would be received with more enthusiasm.
The tensor coil, an ordinary copper wire wound in a double-helix around a ferrite core (much like the two serpents around the staff) has shown some interesting properties:

1. It has zero impedance, which means when fed electrical energy it does not get hot.

2. It has infinite resonance, which means it can resonate strongly on any number of frequencies randomly spaced in the spectrum. A signal pumped into the coil can’t be detected by standard RF (radio frequency) detection apparatus.

3. It has been known to levitate, pulsating bursts of microwave frequencies eerily reminiscent of a connection with something divine

Perhaps some sort of similar tech is used by UFO crafts (levitate = hover)? And since a tensor coil is very similar to a Caduceus (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=17) there is a visual link, at least, to alchemy.


I've heard of those before, and a few people have even used them to extract RF energy from the environment. It's well known to have some interesting properties, and while I've heard stories of anti-gravity or levitation, there hasn't been any real evidence to support this hypothesis.

The reason I'm bringing this topic up is because a few of these rare transition metals can exhibit superconductivity and antigravitic properties. I believe Hudson even states this in his ORME patent, and these high spin state transition metals might be used in the anti-gravity propulsion system of UFOs. It's a deep theory, and on the surface may seem like nonsense, but I believe it may hold some truth.

Who knows eh?