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I’ve only read a dozen or so articles on this website but felt the link was worthy of sharing.

Two aspects that appeal to me so far:

1) The author, although he rarely uses the term itself, works with a more topological “language” for mapping intuitive insights into primary dynamics.

“It should be noted here that subjective and objective orientations begin to compound within themselves. This is consistent with the way the System elaborates in discrete stages within itself. The complex compounding of subjective and objective orientations, one within the other, proliferates in all the higher Systems. For example Rover is a dog that is objectively separate from Tippy but they are both subjectively dogs that are objectively separate from humans even though dogs and humans both share subjective characteristics as vertebrate animals, and so on. Universals and particulars interact in cycles within hierarchical cycles.

…This is why language is such a hopelessly simplistic tool to express the cosmic order. Linear logic can not untie the knots within knots that become ever more complex in the cycles within cycles of the higher Systems. Only the graphical representations of hierarchical relationships between the universal inside and universal outside can facilitate direct intuitive insight into the structural dynamics of the cosmic order. The meaning in language derives from this.”

2) He perceives, postulates that even what we can perceive as Wholeness has a certain integration of multiple factors [to use my clumsy phraseology].

Two Noteworthy Introductory Articles:

Unified Theories, Fantasy & Cosmic Order

[Keywords: universal, particular, conjugate identity, active interface processes, inside/outside, center/periphery, hydrogen]


A Cosmic Insight

[The author’s experiences that led up to his writings. Interesting, for those familiar with Chi Gung [or the like] about the changes in his breathing.]


Homepage/Online Articles:


Here are links to two of the author’s books [free, in PDF format].

The first is considered more introductory. The second is not the most recent version [which can be purchased online from the author].

Fisherman’s Guide to the Cosmic Order [New Edition from the Void]



“Strangely enough, the last of these ancient systems of understanding began to lose influence at the beginning of the Christian era, which coincided with the dawn of the Piscean age. The early symbol of Christianity had in fact been the sign of the fish, derived from a figure called the vesica pisces. The vesica pisces is that figure bounded between two overlapping circles of equal radius such that the center of each is on the periphery of the other. It is therefore a representation of the center-periphery dilemma.

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQC2XvBWo7xiFGcT0OK0lNusv8ReCRNi 8nlj5y6lmafFswQPvCV

One circle is taken to represent internal animating spiritual energies, while the other circle represents external physical expressions of them. The spiritual circle has universal characteristics such that there may be any number of physical circles centered around its periphery.

For example there is a common spiritual pattern to the way that all human beings are emotionally animated, albeit with a great many variations. Despite the physical fact that there are nearly six billion different particular individuals on the planet Earth, we all share a universal aspect— a common spiritual quality that identifies us as human. The same is true of horses or elephants or seals. In a self-similar way it is true of beetles or trees, or flowers. There is a distinctive horseness to every horse, a roseness to every rose.

This is a cosmic phenomenon that concerns the very nature of identity. Every particular creature or thing that we can explicitly identify distinct from others, we must do so by relating it to universally patterned characteristics implicit within that creature or thing, whether its a spider or a space ship. All spiders, big and small, whatever their color, have eight legs and multiple simple eyes, with generally similar anatomy and characteristics. Within any one species of spider, the characteristics of all members of the species are virtually identical.

We likewise invest our human creations, from space ships to tea cups, with our own creative energies universally implicit in their design for a particular use. Everything we know, we know through the dynamic interplay of universally patterned energies implicitly at work within explicit particular examples of them. Otherwise we could identify nothing. We could not give anything a name. Explicit language about particulars of experience always relates to an intuitive recognition of implicit universals. Even the operation of our brains are organized accordingly, into a language hemisphere and an intuitive hemisphere, both of them being harnessed to a common emotional apparatus. More on this later.”

Science and Cosmic Order



“The Subjective Orientation of System 2:

In the alternate mode of System 2, called the subjective orientation, center 2 turns around to face center 1. It will be said that center 2 does a perceptual transposition. It turns inside out, so to speak, now standing apart from itself. It now faces center 1 that was formerly within it and through which it derives its energies. Center 2 now faces the universal center of the universe.

SYSTEM 2 - Subjective Orientation a) Passive (b) Active Figure II-3

One may call this universal center God, or Allah, or Brahman, or universal intelligence, or universal values, or the Tao, or the Dharma, or Nirvana, or the Great Manitou, or whatever. The name is not important. It is what it is. It is the universal active interface of all creation.

It is the universal center of all phenomenal experience. It can not exist as a physical thing. That would mean that universal wholeness would have a fixed physical boundary which would negate the very nature of universal wholeness. The universal center transcends and subsumes physical things. In the subjective orientation this means that a particular human being can see the universal center of the universe face to face. This must be a private one-to one experience if universal wholeness is to be preserved. Neither interface can admit of more than one other active interface in this orientation if universal wholeness is to be preserved.
The point here is that the universal center can make itself directly knowable to a particular human being. This distinguishes it from blind religious belief founded on dogma. (This is not an empty claim for intelligent design. Much more follows.) The two centers have an objective relationship facing one another within a subjective context, as shown in Figure II-3.

In this subjective orientation the particular interface can only share phenomenal experience with the universal interface at the latter‘s discretion. All active communication is one way, from the universal to the particular. This must be so as a condition of universal wholeness. The two are coalesced as One but are two. Normal organic feedback to the particular consciousness is totally suspended. The particular human being can entertain no independent thoughts, ideas, or actions apart from universal wholeness. This implicitly requires that the universal interface is the manifestation of universal values. The universal center is the living manifestation of truth, unity, harmony, love, compassion, justice, mercy, and cosmic order.

If this is not so there can be no such thing as values that transcend our short sojourn here on Earth. There can be no transcending meaning or purpose to life. Everything is just a result of blind objective happenstance as in the exclusive outside option assumed by science. We might as well seek to gratify our appetites however gross they may be, so long as we can get away with it. There is no real basis to truth or justice or law or compassion or mercy or love.

In the passive mode it is clear that centers 1 and 2 are mutually distinct as separate centers, yet they must relate to one another as one. They are an elaboration of System 1. In the active mode the two centers are shown mutually perceived as one by the double headed Z arrow. They both share the same source of energy inside, L0, and the same peripheral darkness, D, outside. It will be said that they are coalesced as one, although they are two. They must relate both as two and as one.

Through this subjective mode of System 2 universal wholeness is known. There is a countercurrent exchange of energy between and within the two centers to complete their mutual identity, since they share the same outside and inside. The rift in universal wholeness that gives rise to the creative process is bridged. There is a return to the subjective orientation for universal wholeness to know itself through the evolutionary process.

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Thanks Albion! This is very good. :)

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I’m happy if any bit of it can be of use to you.

As a sort of process-logic it takes into consideration The Void/Pleroma [Greek: That which fills]/Quantum Field so it doesn’t rest in an independent reification. Unlike a conventional Scientific hypothesis, it includes/respects individual subjectivity [the heart and values] and, unlike some primary-logic schemas it has enough articulation in its expanded levels to provide a sort of “flesh & bones” to show how physical manifestation [the many] derives from wholeness [the one].

I realize that it is not the Hermetic language - which, for optimal utility, should probably be respected as a codified system on its own terms. But some times one language can illuminate/supplement/compliment another.