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The following quotations concerning magnetism and the individual's heart-center were taken from the book "Love Without End: Jesus Speaks" and the [supposed] live in-person conversations [not channeling] that Glenda Green took part in. There are many more gems touching upon science and consciousness in this book and its companion volume "The Keys of Jeshua".

"Magnetic attraction explains the greater unity of existence, and it is actually magnetic cohesion that integrates interdimensional fields, which in turn support and connect all physical reality. Infinity is not the left over. Infinity is the unifying factor that integrates everything. When man's basis of thinking changes from force to attraction, every aspect of technology will change as well."

"At this point science is still focusing on scarcities, forces and leftovers - scarcity being that which is subject to control, force being that which is used to control it, and leftover existence being that which is not understood. Looking at infinity as a leftover is not a very productive attitude, but that is about to change."

GG: "How will we make that transition?"

"It will all begin with a reverent respect for the ultimate power. When that understanding is attained and activated by a sufficient number of people, the entire paradigm of humanity will be lifted above its belief in energy as force. In the face of enough love, force loses its power to dominate consciousness. From that point on, consciousness will wake up at quantum speed. The change will be so powerful as to bring answers by the second.

"Until then, remember that adamantine particles respond to magnetic attraction. With regard to human potential, the heart is your magnetic center. It is through your heart that you are attracting adamantine particles and by your love that you command them."

"You may consider formative magnetism to be an attractor field in which synchronous and holographic integrations are made without electrical polarity or resistance. On the other hand, derivative magnetism is complimentary to electrical energy, as it holds in place the basic formations of existence. For many reasons, it could be said that magnetism is the alpha and omega of physical existence."

GG: "You said that adamantine particles respond to magnetism under the influence of love. Can you describe how this process works?"

He paused for a moment in a state of silent creation, like a stage designer preparing the backdrop for a play.

"I'll give you a very special room to enter. It's a low-gravity chamber filled with ping-pong balls moving at a gentle, chaotic, random rate. Bouncing off the walls, back and forth, they move continuously. A unique characteristic of the ping-pong balls is that each one is laced with iron dust. Your role is to enter the room wearing a magnetic vest. One ping-pong ball after another will attach to you. Chains of ping-pong balls will form, extending in patterns exactly like the impulse pattern of magnetic attraction that called them into assembly. The ping-pong balls connect and extend outwardly according to the patterns of the love that you have introduced into the magnetic field.

"There is another example I can give you. You may remember the magnetic drawing boards from your childhood. Beneath a clear plastic cover are iron filaments which respond to a magnetic pencil. The magnetic pencil attracts the iron filaments and causes them to group together in lines and patterns to form a drawing on the board. Gliding the magnet over the iron filaments can create any kind of pattern. Now just imagine that your heart is the magnet and your love is the pencil. This is your power of influence, and you are literally impacting every aspect of your life just being, being the love that you are. You are a magnet that writes upon the drawing board of your life. As you enter any situation the adamantine particles inherent to it will adjust to the influence you bring. You don't have to dream up a grand plan and put it on the drawing board. You are the grand plan! All you have to be is the love that you are. Everything will line up to that. The greater the love, the greater the influence. Nevertheless, you don't have to do anything other than be the love that you are. Your love brings forth the patterns and manifestations which will result."

"There is a point within each person where the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and intentional components of one's existence are in perfect synchronicity. At that point, there is no difference in elements, time, space, or condition. This is a personal "zero point" which is known prior to birth, immediately after death, and anytime in between when a person's will has been perfectly reconciled with the will of God. A person is forever able to connect with his Creator in that sacred place, regardless of how far he has strayed through the process of living. At the point of true simplicity, you may enter into perfect communion with the Father. Whenever you do, your life will be renewed or even transformed.

"The heart is a magnetic vortex through which the blessings of all essences and potentialities are received, integrated and focused into living. Through the laws of electromagnetism, that power is converted into life energy. The heart, being essentially magnetic, functions best through innocent awareness, which attracts and receives. Acts of judgment, which divide and repel, will shut the door of the heart behind you. If you would make the heart strong, you must first learn to perceive with innocence, accept, and forgive. As you empower the heart it will open to you. At first, you may simply notice this change as more passion for living, more peaceful sleep, or better digestion of food.

The heart is the center of your health and quality of living; therefore those things will be addressed first. As you progress in your affirmations of the heart, however, your life will begin to have more abundant fruits, and you will have the energy needed to make more dramatic changes. Eventually, what you gain from your heart visitations will surpass your fondest dreams. There will be levels of energy which are transformational and transmutational."

"Science is on the threshold of moving into a new era of scientific understanding that will reveal energy to be generated by patterns of attraction rather than patterns of resistance. What is currently known about electro-magnetism has its roots in a primary attractor field where there are no polarities or scarcities. Magnetism may be viewed as either derivative or primary, depending on one's level of understanding. In its primary condition there are no polarities and no scarcities. Now contemplate a civilization in which energy is not a commodity over which to fight or hoard. Can you see how that would change everything?"

"Magnetism is native to primal energy. Since you are part of that energy, you do not have to generate or manipulate it mechanically. What you have to do is stabilize your connection with it through self-awareness and acknowledgment."

"Magnetism is electrically generated within the conservational field. Moreover, for any specified amount of magnetic attraction, an equal motion of charged particles is required. Therefore, within this construction, there is no direct access to magnetic potential as a source of energy. The answers to primary magnetism will not be found within this limited structure. Electromagnetism occurs within the conservational field, but there is a higher function of magnetism that supercedes those polarized arrangements, and is pure energy. In the larger spectrum of attractor fields, magnetism is activated by alignments of infinity.

"The mind tends to prefer the explanations which conservation provides, even with all its restrictions. For the mind also is essentially electrical and structural. The same is true of all of your instruments of computing, experimentation and data collection. All of them have a natural preference for electrical priority and polarity. I would suggest you begin with a change of viewpoint. You might call it 'the Copernicus insight.' You see, as long as man's viewpoint was geocentric, it was inconceivable that the earth could revolve around the sun. After a change of viewpoint exposed heliocentric motion, the doors to a galaxy were opened.

"Like the laws of conservation, the laws of thermodynamics are relevant to fields of density capable of generating and responding to thermal energy. In regard to those fields of density, these laws are accurate for all practical purposes. However, there is a fatal disability of thermodynamics to logically integrate the whole of existence. it defines energy as a function of matter existing within a macroscopic system, isolated against a backdrop of the infinite imperturbable 'unknown.' Its primary regard for infinity - if it has any at all - is as a 'catch-all' for leftover existence that cannot otherwise be explained. This is usually what is referred to as 'dark matter.'

"Science is not the only discipline guilty of assigning the unknown to seperate quarters. Many religions have confined God to the distant past and the eternal future, leaving the present to be dominated by other issues. That's quite a 'sandbag' against god considering that the Creator dwells in the Holy Now!"

GG: "In the book of Genesis, we are told, "In the beginning God created Heaven and earth. And the earth was without form and void. And darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water and said, "Let there be light." Now that passage puzzled me more than ever. If there is but one spirit, pervasive in all, and as all, then there could be no such thing as a vacuum. "What was the void, and what was compressed? Also, how could there be any substance as complex as water before there was light?

He replied, "The void was a magnetic vortex created within the One Spirit, through which the adamantine particles were called into asembly." Then he proceeded to explain that in ancient symbology, water represented magnetic influence and response, not necessarily the liquid itself. "Often, in the symbolism of biblical times, 'water' was a symbol for magnetism." At last, the first words of genesis made sense to me! Even today we associate the magnetic pull of the moon with high tides, and we still associate the element of water with magnetic fields or properties."

"You can command the storm, for the adamantine particles are commanded by love. Love is the Source of everything. It is the commander and that command has been delegated to you as a child of love. This is why, in any situation, you can win by the power of love. Not by DOING LOVE. This is where you trip up. You have to BE LOVE! Love that is a burning fire at the heart of any situation. You can literally quell the storm by loving the forces that comprise it."

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