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06-22-2011, 10:57 PM
Thought I'd share this wiki-quote:

Melek Taus (ملك طاووس - Kurdish Taws Melek), the Peacock Angel, is the Yazidi name for the central figure of their faith.

The Yazidi consider Taws Melek an emanation of God and a benevolent angel who has redeemed himself from his fall and has become a demiurge who created the cosmos from the Cosmic egg. After he repented, he wept for 7,000 years, his tears filling seven jars, which then quenched the fires of hell.

Taws Melek is sometimes transliterated Malak Ta'us, Malak Tawus, or Malik Taws. Melek was borrowed from the Arabic term "king" or "angel". Taws is uncontroversially translated "peacock"; in art and sculpture, Taws Melek is depicted as peacock. However, peacocks are not native to the lands where Taws Melek is worshipped.

The Yazidi believe that the founder of their religion, Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir, was an incarnation of Taws Melek.

Some Christians, Muslims and others identify Taws Melek as Lucifer or Shaytān (Satan). According to the Yazidi Black Book, the Yazidi are forbidden to say the name "Shaitan" because their people would be religiously persecuted by the "Holy Crusaders of God" who would just love to justify their sense of sacred duty by attempting to destroy another based on religious views."



12-21-2011, 01:34 PM
For further study I recommend downloading a free pdf. of the Meshaf i Resh (Black Book of Melek Taus)

From my studies in occult and ancient music I became somewhat fascinated with the Yezidi tribe, their rather darker religious beliefs have been written about by Luciferian Michael W. Ford and absorbed into Luciferianism.

I did compose a piece of music based off of a Yezidi priest mantra you can listen to if inclined
Sol Invictus (http://snd.sc/rpNLEd)