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06-27-2011, 06:41 AM
With the expense of some pieces of apparatus and the nature of the beast (practical experimentation) one is
sometimes going to get irremovable substances up tubes and down pipes in alembics, so on and so forth.

Surely this is going to become very costly or am I missing something?

It is for this reason that I make ad hoc equipment out of bottles and jam jars, but these short cuts usually
culminate in a waste of time and materials...and a great mess.

Also what happens if the substance one is after congeals up a pipe...should one break the pipe to get it out?

These are the sort of questions I have to ask myself when thinking of commencing with any practical work
and this is what holds me back.

I know these are genuine concerns as I have great difficulty sometimes removing my dinner from the pans ;)

Any suggestions as to keeping these costs low, simplifying the retrieving of the products you’re after,
avoiding surprises or cleaning the utensils etc... would be most welcome.


06-27-2011, 07:22 AM
Bah, yeah, good glassware is expensive, and money is so scarce. It's tough to acquire, and pains my soul. It's an expensive hobby if you want to use professional glassware.

Try to go for the economy 24/40 glassware if you're on a budget. Look on ebay for cheap deals, and starter chemistry sets. There are various surplus glassware providers out there on the internet. Use Google to search for them.

Also, utilize copper tubing as much as possible for condenser units. It's really good for distilling alcohol, and plant spirits/sulphurs/hydrosols, but stay away from acids!

You can make a pretty crazy setup on a small amount of money if you have the improvisational spirit in mind. Look for canning jars in bulk quantity. They're about $10 USD here for 12 large canning jars at Walmart.

solomon levi
06-29-2011, 06:36 PM
When something congeals in a pipe and you don't want to break it,
you might be able to retrieve it with a proper solvent which can be distilled off after collecting the salt.
The solvent should be appropriate to your experiment so as not to contaminate - see if it dissolves in
water or alcohol first.