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01-04-2009, 03:15 PM
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Iíve been thinking about the changes in our day to day lives as opposed to those of the first alchemists. While I doubt that we as a species have greatly transcended our roots itís something to consider that evolution has actually swept us forward without us fully realizing it; that we are the proof that alchemy has been working subtly, in the back alleys and attics in which it is still practiced. Along with our changes, we cannot deny that the world has changed, that now there are new processes to explore in physical manners. Look in your grocery store isle, and read the backs of the labels.

The alchemists of old used what they knew to link symbolism, science and their takes on the spiritual. Now, we havenít evolved past eating or drinking, some doctors have even linked artificial light at night with cancer; Iím saying that while weíve moved we havenít moved far, and the alchemical processes weíre used to are still very relevant. But maybe we have new processes to consider in this day? Iím not well versed enough in either symbolic alchemy or modern physics enough to pin down any new and exciting (or new takes on old) processes, but are any of you perhaps? Is our new wealth of knowledge able to be melded with the practices of the occult?
I've only started studying Alchemy so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.... hehe. Sorry, it was the first time I've ever been able to use an alchemy pun - I couldn't wait.

Anyways, I don't really believe there are any new processes to consider. If what I've learned so far is correct, that there are 7 basic processes, then these really are all that is necessary in philosophical matters. If anything, modern science is now supporting what scientists of the Age of Enlightenment had written off. We (the microcosm) imitate the happenings of the universe (macrocosm) in our basic biological functions - after all, we are descendants of star dust and any chemicals you may find in the universe are also inherent in our genetic composition.

Understanding the processes on a more medical platform may provide us with a greater accuracy and speed at accomplishing the Work, but I don't think that it changes the processes. For instance: if we consider that Theta brain waves provide one with the feeling of connecting to the All, we may want to explore why that is. How we get there of course is through the processes, and what we take away from there is indeed the Work, but if we want to accomplish this more accurately than why shouldn't we use some modern conveniences? It is the difference between using an open wood flame and using a bunson burner. Sound researchers have discovered that brain entrainment and binaural beats enable the meditator to enter into deeper states of meditation faster based on the wave pattern created by music or beats, or what have you. The process of meditation is still there - it is simply enhanced by entrainment music or binaural beat patterns.

We also have a greater understanding of the universe as a whole, and the more we learn about astro-physics the more it looks like alchemy was on the right track. I'll end there, for fear of leading the conversation in the wrong direction.
Even though I think most belief systems will always follow the same basic structure they had at their earliest origins, all beliefs, even in the occult, will be affected as time passes. Take for example, the change from dogma to a more sermon-based mass in Catholicism. I'm sorry for the religious reference, but Catholicism will always be based on the bible, no matter how teaching methods change.

I think this can be applied to alchemy, as well, as it involves belief systems and practices. Change, in this sense, is a good thing, as in this world, we can't run around doing the same things our great great great ancestors did. As the world, technology, popular ideas, and social customs change, so will things that seem more permanent and intangible.

I think people should be encouraged to integrate more modern practices into ancient ones, as it will keep those alive that otherwise would die.