View Full Version : awesome calcining equipment

Donna Matrix
08-28-2011, 01:23 AM

08-28-2011, 07:04 AM
Cool! I work in a middle school that has equipment it will never use. There is a fume hood in one of the science rooms, but chemistry experiments are not performed. There is an electric furnace sitting in a kiln room that's also never used. I'm gonna see if I can 'borrow' the electric furnace if it's still there.

Donna Matrix
08-31-2011, 05:57 PM
I would for sure. Markos, how far along are you in your studies, have you made any herbal planetary elixers yet? Are you following PONS?

Donna Matrix
09-03-2011, 03:32 AM
I just found a used burnout oven at a dental lab supply place. Barely used it was 650.00 w tax. they had alot of stuff there, but no useable crucibles.