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09-21-2011, 01:42 AM
The Process:
The process for the Red White and Blue method means that equipment is gonna have to be used. The cooks use these things plus all the ingredients that i told about earlier.

- 3 Plastic jars with lids
- Coffee filters
- Eyedropper
- Glass dish
- Funnel

Now to start off they take those Sudafed pills and do what they call wash them in the ether. Because you know you dont want that dangerous red color in your crank! haha

They they crush up the pills and and put them into one of the jars so their like a powder. They put the methanol in there and shake it real hard and the length of time depends on who you ask but around twenty minutes sounds like what most of them say more or less. Then they leave it to settle and separate out which means that the psudeoephedrine part floats on the top and the wax and other crap in the pills goes to the bottom.

Then they put one of those coffee filters into a funnel and hold the funnel over the glass dish and they pour the seperated mixture with psudoephedrine into the glass dish but they say you got to be real careful so you just get the psuedoephedrine and not the other stuff into the glass dish. Of course thats got the alcohol from the methanol in there so you got to find a way to heat it that will burn off the alcohol but remember you cant see it burning. Some of them use an oven and some say a hairdryer. Obviously the fumes from this are gonna make you sick so they wear those painters masks over their mouth and nose.

Once they got the pseudoepehdrine all by itself they add it to another jar where theyve got iodine and red phosphorous and hydrochloric acid. They screw the lid on and shake the hell out of it for half an hour then leave it sit for another half an hour. Then they open it back up try not to breath the fumes and add in the sodium hydroxide. Now they leave the lid off and shake it gentle trying to swirl it until it gets cloudy looking which means the chemicals are reacting off each other. Then they add in ether and screw the lid back on so they can shake it for another 10 minutes. After that they leave it set for another 5 mins and then look for a middle layer in the jar. Theyll sit there tapping at it to get the middle layer as thin as possible which is what they want.

After that they go in with the eyedropped and start taking the middle layer off bit by bit but make sure you unscrewed the lid of the jar or this will be real hard to do! hahaha They want the whole top layer without getting any of the bottom layer because they throw that layer away and just keep the top. Then they fill up the third jar with water about half way and drop in 10 drops of hyrdrochloric acid to it. They they pour that top layer they sat there taking out with the eyedropper and put the lid on it. They shake that jar for another 10 minutes before they start using the eyedropper again to take off the top layer and throw that away.

The bottom layer is what they want to keep and they evaporate it by heating which leaves behind crystals and those are the crank meth they're cooking for. Simple as that so they say and some people will call this the cold cook method.

Remember that all the stuff they just used to make the crank cant be left where cops will find it because even if they did it wrong you still go to jail for having the ingredients and trying to put them together even if you didnt make the meth the right way.

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