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01-04-2009, 05:33 PM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm) created by whistleblower.

I forgot I'm a member of that forum because I was searching the net on
my name to see who was talking shit about me. And I found that alchemy
forum, then I joined so I could defend myself against the nonsense one
of the members was typing out about me and my website.

So I will respond to Pierre and see what he has to say. I'll tell him
this "I find it hard to believe you actually do know how to make the
true Alkahest, because you would have photos of the various metals you
made into *glowing* stones by the simple use of this Alkahest. I will
have those kind of photos in my book, and a video on my youtube

Let 'em suck on that! Ha!
That's one of the other reasons I want to help outsiders make the
stone -- so it will become well known that if you do follow the modern
alchemists who are telling the truth, you can indeed make the stone,
instead of blindly following the morons on messages boards.


you suck on this leak?
Let's not start a war here, but I must thank you very much for posting this. It shows that they really are talking about us behind our backs. Shame on them!

Ah yes, but what about wishing bad things to happen to people who
deserve it? It's that evil?

I would very much like to just ignore all the wicked people in the
world and focus always on just the good things in life; always a smile
on my face. But I've demonstrated and proved to myself countless times
that I can indeed punish people who deserve it. And it worries me that
I could be screwing up my karma? But I can't just sit back and let
evil people get away with what they do -- somebody has to punish them.


hurt me good mr punisher

lets have war?
Grow up!

This forums has no opinion on Nick and his work... but a forum is all about debate so if an individual member have an opinion about Nick - or if Nick have opinions about what a member here says... well I don't see a problem with that!

I do see a problem with even hinting at this as a problem. Please everyone leave your Ego at the door!

The alchemists that I know have said that the stone, or the m-state gold,
will not make you enlightened - it will only intensify what you already are.
I think Nick is a good example of that, and a good lesson for aspirants.

Think about it - gold is fixing, especially in the triple-fixed red sulphur (i.e. philosophers'
stone) form. It's going to fix whatever your consciousness is.
As long as you're taking the white gold, you can stop if things start to get too
much for you. But with the red, it is permanent (fixed). It stays in your system.
This is why with the Red Lion there's no coming back.

The balanced alchemists that I know take the superconducting white gold
for a month and then lay off for a month. The reason is your thoughts/consciousness
begin to get real intense. Many shadow things will come forward to be seen, and for
some, they can't deal with them for very long.
This is why the spiritual must go with the practical.

This is why the spiritual must go with the practical.Could not have phrased it better myself!