View Full Version : My Alchemical journey to another world..

09-27-2011, 08:37 PM
Okay I want to write about my last very spiritual experience...

I have been having a very painful situation where I had pain in my groin area and had to pee like every 5 min. I tried anti-biotics and a bunch of things but nothing worked.

I decide when I got my check on the 1st that I would buy some Crystal and get high despite all of this stuff going on. So, I went to People's Park and bought some. I went into the bathroom at Peet's and snorted about half of it. It was a little painful but I'm used to it and kind of look forward to the slight bit of pain.

I sat outside on Telegraph Ave. watching people passing by for awhile. I decided to go home. As I was walking to BART I noticed how good I was feeling and that the previous pain I had been having for these 3 months was totally gone. This was a real relief for me, I just hoped it was going to continue in this way.

As I neared the bus stop I stopped to talk to a very pretty girl. Normally I feel shy in these situations but the Crystal made me extremely confident and brave. I was so happy to be feeling this way. So powerful and beautiful inside. We chatted for awhile until her bus came and she was very kind to me. I told her I would normally be shy talking to her but she said I was doing just fine. It was empowering.

So, then I got home. I was feeling kind of horny and that took up a few hours of time. Very lustful powerful sexual imagery. It was kind of nice since I don't normally have such a passionate appetite. Then after this come down of sorts there started appearing different entities around me. I noticed the images on my walls becoming different beings. Esp. outside one of my windows. I had been invoking this entity named Choronzon for quite some time. I met him once a lot time ago in Oregon. He has been with me for a long time. When I first encountered him he told me that he wasn't what I thought he was, namely a demonic spirit. There is all kinds of information about him online you could read, the majority of it is bullshit but he has been very good to me. He is the guardian of the abyss and can help you cross it.

So as I was saying I see Choronzon sitting there in a box. A very black painted box. He is holding a pendulum in one hand it is very very bright silver. I see him staring at me. I am wondering what exactly is happening. Apparently he is there to help me cross over which eventually he does. So much to describe and I will never do the experience any justice. Next to Choronzon I begin to see hands moving in mudras. Kind of like the way I've seen the spirits using mudras before. His fingers are sticking through this gate where Choronzon is sitting, kind of like a prison cell. Outside the bars he is moving his fingers at me. He is very asian looking. He is smiling a somewhat demonic grin. I have a slight amount of fear but know he is here to help me.

Okay then there is so much else the sequence of events is hard to put together. Before Choronzon appeared two demons which were made of green plant like vines with very devilish huge smiles on their faces, it also looked like blood on their teeth. They were the most scary thing of the whole experience to me. They kept appearing in front of Choronzon.

I saw above Choronzon through another cell.. a place opening up to what looked like a place of pure light and there were very angelic being staring at me from the corners of the box. They all wore crowns of stars on their head. One was male and there was a female with blue skin. They had very loving motherly smiles on their faces. Also from the side of this black box came in a child looking mermaid. She had blond hair and was very beautiful. She had a box with her.

There were other things going on. There was the feather in the air which seemed to be balancing things out. On one side were tiny little girls dressed like Space like modern girls on one side of the feather and there were people on the other side.. I don't remember exactly what they looked like. But sometimes the feather would tip down on the side of the girls and a bunch of people would ascend up staircase apparently souls being released to heaven or something like that.

Later on there was a man between Choronzon and the gate to heaven. He was dressed all in black with a hood on his head. He was doing something like drawing with a pen or something. Or maybe an arrow. He had a snake wrapped around his head. The snake was the most mythical one I have ever seen unlike anything in this human realm glittering and dangerous and more alive then can be described. It had glowing diamonds for eyes. It was in a circle around the mans head. crawling around and at some point left his head.

I started moving through dimensions. Everything from very black dark underground rooms to on high. The underground was quiet and peaceful and the upper levels were also quiet but filled with light. There was a mist on the ground of white light. There were angels there all dressed in white plastic looking clothing. They seemed compassionate and good. I was crying to them to make me understand what all this meant and why I suffered so much in this life. They never said a word but looked into my eyes as if they wer saying things I could not hear with words. All this time I had been playing the Enochian Keys on my laptop and they seemed to be saying that that was their voice.

Many other things happened. I looked into a mirror in my room and could see what I will call Faerieland. I saw what I will call Alice in Wonderland there and I seemed to following her through some strange adventures and meeting with supernatural creatures.

Later in the same mirror I battled the devil. Saw how integrated he was into my spirit. I was trying to separate myself from him and kept putting white energy around myself. and seeing myself built and and broken back down. The battle between darkness and light.

Wow, so much else happened. I lay down with death. Saw a Mayan looking virgin Mary and the skull of death. We just lay in a learning thing happening. There was a dark looking Sith like being of the death energy.

There was a small green blinking light which appeared to be link tinkerbell flying through different worlds. I saw her move and change through different dimensions.

There were the faeries, demons and angels. All around at some point. The angels were pulling the demons from my most painful areas of my body namely around my pelvic area.

Hmm.. there was Kali Ma.. there were the pretty faeries.. umm.. it lasted 3 days and took a lot out of me but I wouldn't give backk that experience for anything. The second most magickal experience of my life. I hope to repeat this again someday.