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09-29-2011, 01:00 PM
Does anyone know where I can download Hi-Rez Alchemical Symbolic/Emblematic Imagery.

Images to meditate with.

Thanks :)

09-29-2011, 01:37 PM

[Click on the selected image for a somewhat enlarged version opened in a new window]

09-30-2011, 12:08 AM
Wow Cool! Thanks!

Don't forget this: http://www.alchemywebsite.com/images_s.html

11-19-2011, 09:43 PM
Does anyone know where I can download Hi-Rez Alchemical Symbolic/Emblematic Imagery.

Images to meditate with.

Thanks :)

Today, I received a copy of "Alchemy & Mysticism" by Alexander Roob in the mail:


It's 712 pages long and each page features one or more alchemical images along with some accompanying explanation.

It looks like it will turn out to be one of the loveliest and useful reference books I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

Seems like it will be great for browsing or flipping through as well as applied study.

If you consider purchasing a copy be aware that some recent editions are only 191 pages long (another is 576 pages).

I found my used copy through AbeBooks for around $20.

I recommend you copy down the ISBN number for (one of) the 712 page version(s) to refer to if/when you do your shopping.

Nice to have so many images together in one place.

[If I'm not mistaken, I believe Solomon-Levi recommended this book in the "Text" section of the forum awhile ago.]


One of the 5-star reviews on Amazon.com:

"Hot off the shelf from some wizard harem this "brickbook" consisting of about a 1000 full-color illustrations on over 700 pages of glossified paper from the Renaissance & Enlightenment eras' for the most part, but going back to the early post-crucfixion days of the prevailing Mystery Religions and into our terrifying millenary day with a few examples of Modernist/Post-Modernist Art such as Duchamp's work & the playwright August Strindberg's cosmological photographic exposures to the night sky; several references to Fulcanelli as well as Theosophical Architectural drawings...around 30 pieces from the AURORA CONSURGENS (14-17th cen./see CGJung's writings) are celebrated herein, they are some of the most intriguing works I have ever seen!; all variety of outtakes from myriad illuminated manuscripts & Medieval incunabula fill these pages; but it is mostly the Renaissance Hermetic texts of the Alchemists and Mystics (hence the title) that is represented in the finest detailed prints; from Anastasius Kircher's beautiful cabalistic diagrams to the mnemonic palaces & Hermetic/Alchemical graphics of Robert Fludd, H.Khunrath, Jacob Bohme, M.Maier...the names go on in a never ending procession of Renaissance & Enlightenment Artistic brilliance. There is no other work ever printed in the last few hundred years, at least that I have ever even heard of mythologized by bibliophiles & collectors or Antiquarians that warrants comparison with such a high-quality work as this is and for such a trifle of a price! For the sheer bulk, much less the quality prints that one gets from Sir Benedikt Taschen's wondrous press (which is unequalled in the Art world!) the price is practically nil as even a lesser book consisting of half the number of the same works would go for 10 times what Mr. taschen's offering it to the world for!...and only Taschen could ever come up with a second volume to match it! I & many others I suppose have fantasized for hundreds of years perhaps for a book like this to be published at under a 1000 dollars say; for it is definitely a luxury item for poorer students & scholars both independent and academic to be able to afford such a sublime effort and product as this, for which I thank Taschen press from the bottom of a bookish passion for all they have done in just the past decade or so. The work defends itself, nay it has no need but only should be championed by anyone who appreciates and admires history itself. This book is a lens by which one can focus in on lost eras whose words cannot be trusted nearly as much as these illustrative works; it's a catalogue of dreams, maps of lost and/or forgotten utopian ideals, charts of spiritual aspirations and records of strange initiations; a massive book of riddles in pictograph, for which the puzzle-subject is one's very own microprosopus-being whose final assembly means heaven reached or paradise achieved; & at the least intellectual delight/enlightenment, & gnosis at best. The artwork is perhaps from the most sublime genre of them all, the human tradition at the heart of all scientific endeavor & religious searching; it is no less than an journey into both inner & outer space, whose realms the artists' believed an iron lung was not necessary in order to explore, and which many mystics & theologians of contemporary times as well as philosophers & scientists of the past are inclined to agree. The book should give "Occulture" a whole new rightful respect for it's rich past filled with sheer artistic brilliance and depth of knowledge, and I need not mention those aspirations which are the highest humankind can ever aspire to in any age that are herein depicted and portrayed in the most profound ways imaginable that many dragons herein seem almost ready to take flight in many a reader's enriched mind...ouroboros, the snake that eats itself revolves furiously and only ceases and stands still when the book is opened so that its admirers may better perceive its classical serpentine symmetry...such is the magic that is just barely contained in this museum catalogue from the deepest recesses of humankind's time here in these terrestrial & celestial spheres in the immense spaces, sublime in all the terror they hold for such miniscule beings, ("Aliens of Universal charity" as Constant said) aspiring to so large a consciousness which is charted in the finest infinitesimal details in this atlas of human history."

11-20-2011, 04:55 AM
A friend I used to work with gave me a copy of the book a while back, but unfortunately my copy has only 190 pages. Even the small edition I have is packed full of useful images, I'd love to see what extra images the larger volume contains.

11-20-2011, 09:07 AM
At the TASCHEN website, the 576 page version is going for $14.99 US.

11-20-2011, 02:29 PM
Got that book too... when it comes to images it is one of the best!