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01-04-2009, 05:51 PM
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I was reading in an article and it briefly mentions using alchemical preparations to cure mental illness. Exactly how may this be done? I've heard oil of iron, but I don't know about that...
Since you posted this in the practical section I assume you are looking for an alchemical potion, but spiritual alchemy can also aid mental illness. In fact such an illness is often the result of someone going through the spiritual process of transmuation.

Paracelsus (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=10) is one of those cats that very early on tried to cure those with such an illness instead of locking them up.

In the matter of mental diseases Paracelsus was centuries ahead. Mental disorder was, for a long time, considered to be a matter for theology and not of medicine. In fact the traditions of treating mental disorders was not abandoned until 200 years after Paracelsus death.

There is a mystery on how Paracelsus received his great knowledge on the illness of the mind. Nothing of what he wrote was practiced in the times he lived. He anticipated the descriptive methods of psychiatry and the clinical manifestations of epilepsy, mania and hysteria. He truly possessed a complete intellectual freedom not afraid to admit whenever he came across something new. In a chapter entitled On the Origin of Truly Insane People Paracelsus lists four kinds if insane people.

The moon does not posses the brain but attracts, like a magnet, reason out of it. The power of attraction is at its height during the full moon and somewhat the same during the new moon.

Insanity brought from the womb through family heritage.

The loss of reason and sense through the use of food and drink.

Those people who lose reason by their own nature by “…driving the spiritus vitae up towards the brain so that it is too much of it there.” - source (http://alternative-history.blogspot.com/2007/07/paracelsus-part-2.html)
Practical alchemy can cure mental illnesses, but one must possess a universal medicine in order for it to affect the mental energies. Now let me be the first to say that creating a universal medicine via the philosopher's stone is NO easy task, and often enough ends in complete failure. Practical alchemy is really the last step any person takes, and the leap ahead often occurs after one has gained enough ground in spiritual alchemy. While curing illnesses and disease is considered a somewhat selfless act, be careful to not act out of selfishness because often enough bad consequences will occur.

If I were you, I would study spiritual alchemy and see if you can solve the problem with that, but if this is for a friend of family member then you might have problems making them study spiritual alchemy. In this case the only thing to do is start studying practical alchemy, and maybe if you're truly one of the gifted you will possess a stone within a year, but this is a great exception. Most will never possess the stone in their lifetime, even after much study and practice.

Another option is to do research online and buy some of the elixirs offered, but do not ever buy any alchemical elixir without researching it first. Some of these elixirs are highly dangerous (gold chloride, gold hydroxide anyone?), and the vendor is just trying to make a few bucks.
I must confess this is selfish , I was running down a semilist in my mind to see if I'm prepared for anything that could come up.

I can safely say that I wouldn't mind being dropped off in the middle of nowhere with naught but the clothes on my back, physical death isn't as bad as it seems and if it happens, then hey? what are you gonna do? eventually the thing that stumped me was the loss of my treasured intellect, and I remembered reading about that so I decided I would try and get some medicine "just in case" and "just in case" it happens to anyone I know and love...
Interesting list

The moon does not posses the brain but attracts, like a magnet, reason out of it. The power of attraction is at its height during the full moon and somewhat the same during the new moon.

I've been wondering about this one. We've all heard about how the moon can affect psychological moods, for an example there's a tendency for more violence on full moon. But I also wonder about how many psychosomatic diseases seem to go somewhat cyclic, for an example the bipolar who's manic and depressive. As well there seem to be times where more people are depressed, then other seasons where more people are exuberant. It's been said that it's the amount of natural light in the environment, some have also speculated about the amount of negative ions in the atmosphere. According to that you might feel more downbeat just before a rainstorm but right after it you'd naturally feel good since the rain would've brought more of those good neg. ions into the environment which would've been depleted just before the storm by the low pressure.

Insanity brought from the womb through family heritage.

Pretty much the orthodox theory but it's also a question how much it affects people just through the environment to grow up in an unstable family

The loss of reason and sense through the use of food and drink.

Definitely true but I'd add "drugs and alcohol" here as well.

Those people who lose reason by their own nature by “…driving the spiritus vitae up towards the brain so that it is too much of it there.” - source (http://alternative-history.blogspot.com/2007/07/paracelsus-part-2.html)

Very interesting, I read that "spiritus vitae" is the cosmic influence which affects the human body. So in this case there's too much sensitivity to this cosmic flux in the brain.. and I assume weakness in the rest of the body that would be deprived.

Generally I think that proper and regular sleep-cycle is the most important factor for schizophrenics and those with mania. Problem is how to get them to sleep, initially something soothing would help. It's also important that they eat healthy and don't use any drugs. I actually believe that medical drugs are also bad since they don't treat the core issue but only treat the symptoms. There's something the individual is going through, some kind of transformation when they're manic or schizophrenic.. you might call it a "transformation gone wrong". I think they need to be somehow slowly worked with, through whatever they're going through and slowly be grounded back on the earth. Not like with orthodox pharmacology where they just hammer them down with a strong doze of anti-dopamine drugs which also zaps them of their vitality (which can cause serious vitality problems with long-term use).

With depression or obsession-compulsion I think it's important being in a very supportive and understanding atmosphere. I would also say that there would be a lack of qualities we associate with the "fire" element. This is quite the opposite of someone who has mania or schizophrenia and is in "full-flight" (I think they lack good "water" from their sleep&dreams). There's a lack of Spontaneity = focus/awareness and will/action (with obsessive-compulsive there is maybe action and desire .. but never anything new but a tormenting repetitive, non-spontaneous, cycle). A good walk, especially in a natural environment could help, while the mind is just kept focused on observing with full awareness, without any mental obsession. It's important to find the inner fire/ inner will/source from where you can see the world in new light and let the body flow in natural rhythm. All negative or oppressive mind-patterns lets the body have a feeling of being choked... they destroy the natural breathing rhythm (associated with life-energy or chi.. that I associate with fire/vitality). For an example, if you have a nightmare your body will react with strong unbalanced breathing pattern. And if you have an obsessive questions in the head, like you're constantly being questioned by some inner voices or doubts or you constantly worry you have the same effect. You will force the flow of the fire through too much or negative air (thought processes/chatter) that then causes negative water reaction (negative feelings in the body). Don't force the fire spirit to flow in a certain manner with your thoughts/air.. let it flow naturally unhindered, just awareness and breath and minimum thinking-chatter. So.. breathing exercises will help, calming the mind and just focusing and breath. Stop being "choked" by the obsessions and negative thoughts. Cold shower can help as well to-get-started, since it increases the blood-flow and kick-starts the breathing apparatus, so to speak. Getting proper sleep is also good.. and to take note of the dreams. Good dreams give good feeling but bad dreams can make a day worse. Repeatedly dreaming bad gives clue to the problem.. often people with problems think negatively and then they continue to dream negatively. If they sleep properly and manage to affect their dreams they can get better results with the day. Alchemy is good for dreams I'd say, it's so much about symbols for example.

All people have habits. Habits can be good or bad. I associate them internally with memory and externally with ritualistic behaviour. This is the earth element, how "you are" presently and how you "repeat yourself". People with mental disorders usually have bad emotions (negative "water") or emotional reaction towards their thoughts (air) that is caused by memories or behaviour (earth), some people feel bad about themselves, some feel bad about the world situation or some feel bad about some experience even though they've even forgotten it completely. So they need to change their repetitive memory- or mind-patterns and their repetitive behaviour. This can be hard but really spiritual alchemy can do this, it's all about the transformation baby. Transforming the base earth.

I don't claim to have figured this completely but I believe it all starts with the fire because that's the center source.. the eminence and 1st dimension. From that the air is re-distributed around this source and it tries to be in perfect equilibrium with this source. What I'm trying to say is that the focus, the willful awareness, breath and vitality can change the thoughts.. thoughts change the habits and feelings. Additionally from dreams, from spectrum of spontaneous and new feelings we can potentially experience there. Fire by day, water by night.
By the way I almost forgot one of the best advise to increase the fire; one should also stop all masturbation (if that's too hard then decrease it as much as possible) and more important any sexual obsessions (the sexual thoughts will force the fire flow downwards and press it there... i.e. the thoughts will interrupt the natural chi rhythm and make a "choke" somewhere.. like happens in nightmares with breath&tension). It increases the inner fire, trust me, but might take some time and patience. Increases vital energy. There's something called "sexual alchemy" that can explain it further... by the way pets are also great for mental health.. and green plants in the environment will make the air fresher

So to sum it up; awareness/focus, say "No Thanks" to mental chatter, no masturbation, try get some activity if not only walks (awareness of environment and new things you might not have noticed), sleep (also here.. don't be airy and think a lot but be like calm water when you go to sleep.. maybe try meditation, lie on the back and notice your feelings.. if you have bad feelings in the body focus there with your awareness and imagine fire go there and cleanse it.. try to drift to sleep and sleep regularly..try imagine flowing fresh water, clear water vortexes or just see what imagination provides.. if negative just let it slide through by not letting it interrupt your rhythm and then later positive will come.. if you can't sleep use the time to think about problems if you must but try to use your spirit vision/imagination asking for guidance in your thinking process). If you have any people that are doing something negative or you feel they haven't been too nice to you recently..or you just don't feel like being around them.. don't be and don't obsess about it.. just focus on your life and don't feel forced in your will by thoughts about someone else. If there are people that annoy you that you must be around .. number one: listen to your own spirit and not them b) it's just a spiritual trial and you learn to be stronger by going through it. And don't be worried about feeling alone in such black phase.. just take books where you go around and open a new dimension with them. You're a spiritual seeking person, like the shaman, don't worry about being different and who you are.
I agree though with you 100% what you said. I have myself thought about death a lot and I've reached the same conclusion that I wouldn't like someone else I knew to just kill themselves. There's still oceans of intrigue left to learn and there's still some responsibility to others, so I guess it's not an option yet.. I sometimes wish I could die but this can be a good sense with spiritual work. If you can lie down, not being afraid of anything even if you think you could die any moment then that's good. No fear of the dark, no fear of death or any feeling that arises within, that one should actually try to improve. Isn't spiritual/shamanic initiation often a symbolic death..


I just want to say at the end that I'm only giving personal opinions, maybe some of it gives you personally insight or applies to your issue. But if you want to really get a professional combined with spiritual perspective on mental complications then one of the best books is "Western Body, Eastern Mind" by professional psychologist Anodea Judith. In the book she describes the connection between psychology and the chakras. I would guess that you would find the chapters on the basic lower-chakras most interesting and useful, since often spiritual seeking people have more problems there than with the higher ones. I don't believe you can find all the knowledge she provides on the internet since most sites about the chakras don't go into it professionally or with much deepth.
Most interesting and informative everyone!

Especially thanks to spectre, This helps with my own problems I didn't know anything about.

And actually makes me much more interested in alchemy, which I haven't given much thought to in the past...
No problem.. not everything I said might be the same that someone else would say but that's what I have learned and my knowledge on mental illness has taken me so far..

About the subject of stopping masturbation it's about self-mastery and transmuting oneself... some people stop completely and only do breathing techniques... others do it in a special way so they don't loose any sperm from doing it by

putting one or two fingers (usually index and/or middle finger) at the perineum, the area between the anus and the root of the lingam, presses inward and forward against the back of the pubic bone, and blocks the urethra channel that the semen is about to come through. The orgasm occurs, but the semen is blocked from leaving the body." from book Tantra by Yogani

Periods of complete abstinence can help with grounding and can, perplexingly, benefit you, unlike all the sexual teachings in the mainstream about excessive masturbation (more info at www.gnosticteachings.org (http://www.gnosticteachings.org).. but don't get lost, all the info there will make your head spin). But it's good to know about the other Tantra technique as well, mentioned above.. and a lot of the dimension is in the mind, visualization and imagination. Of course, the first psychologists talked, a lot and a lot about sex in terms of neurosis (unstable psychological state), especially Freud... so I think this talk has relevance to this subject. Jung mentioned dreams as well.. and even alchemical symbolism. Jung actually went insane once himself! So there's nothing to be ashamed of.. Alchemists have also been known to be a bit crazy sometimes but that's mainly because they sometimes didn't take care with some of the poisonous fumes or the substances they used, especially gross Mercury fumes which is neuron-poison.. one funny thing is that the mathematician Newton was known to work in Alchemy but he was very eccentric and almost a bit crazy.. when he died they found his hair contained many, many times more the regular amounts of Mercury.
The analysis written above by spectre, is well-founded and in depth, and comes very close to my views.
I would like only to stress the importance of regular and proper excersise. It helps the body to find its rythm, clears the mind from thoughts, boosts "energy" levels and above all, works very well against insomnia.