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solomon levi
10-08-2011, 08:19 PM
I have a large library. Many of the books I've picked up along the way and put
on a shelf and forgotten about them, I'm so busy with my own wisdom.
But last night I was drawn to pull this book out of a stack and see what it was about.
This turned out to be truly intuitive because by the title (it even says on the cover: "a novel")
it didn't seem related to alchemy or what I've been focussed on. But this is actually a true
story about radiesthesia - actually the best I've seen on the subject.

One of the greatest points is that he can heal anything through vibration/frequency -
be it a physical malady, emotional, karmic, auric, mental, etc... because everything has a signature.
As with any radiesthesia, he tests subjects, or their photos, to evaluate their condition and then he
tests cures to find an appropriate frequency to counter the imbalance. So the work is basically
going through all these "trays" of items he's organised onto the computer and by asking questions
he isolates the particular imbalance in frequency and through the same process isolates a complementary
healing frequency. At first he sent the appropriate frequency into a solution of water, alcohol and
diatomaceous earth and drops of this solution were taken and at some later date the subject was
retested and found to be healed. But he's always emphasizing that he doesn't cure anything and that
this is not medicine or treatment, etc. He's very far into the energy aspect of it and spirit.
Then he went to photos, diagnosing and treating (my words) through the signature captured in
a photo, and remote healing by radiating the frequencies at the photo.
Anyway, the implications are profound. And he takes it farther than others that I am aware of,
into the spiritual and using this technology towards enlightenment. It gave me many ideas of how
to apply my own work from my blogs in even deeper ways. Besides healing people, one could heal the planet
as well.
It's an excellent read if you're into this area of work; perhaps even if you're not you will be after reading.


solomon levi
10-08-2011, 08:29 PM
In my own work, I'm very interested in translating these frequencies into simple
formulas anyone can use. What I mean is, instead of translating the cure into a frequency
with which one radiates a solution, or a photo, one could ask questions to isolate a symbol
of sorts that is equivalent to the frequency and apply that; for instance, a combination of 1s and 0s,
or an I Ching hexagram, or a particular number... this is what sigils are - astral signatures.
This is what languages are, mantras, enochian, whatever...
It could be a musical note, if you can access a large enough selection to provide for all the possibilities.
It can be anything that you get a 'yes' answer to.
In general radiesthesia, this would be a homeopathic remedy, a gem elixir, a flower essence, etc.