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solomon levi
10-24-2011, 06:46 PM

A star to magnetise a star.
macrocosm = hexagram
microcosm = pentagram

Is not the microcosm the proper magnet for the macrocosm? :)

"Our stone is the representative of the great world (or macrocosm), and hath the virtues of that great fabric, comprised or collected in this little system. In it there is a virtue magnetical, attractive of its like in the whole world. It is a celestial virtue, expounded universally in the whole creation, but epitomised in this small map or abridgment." - Irenaeus Philalethes

And Ripley:
"For as of one mass was made all thing,
Right so must it in our practice be;
All our sects of one image must spring:
In philosophers' books, therefore, who wishes may see,
Our stone is called the less-world, one and three."

And what better Alcahest than the Ab-solute? :)

This is the "type" of Alchemy I am currently working with.

solomon levi
10-24-2011, 07:06 PM
"All our sects of one image must spring."

This is very important, the word "image".
People ask about the best alchemy books all the time, but what alchemy
are you looking for? I looked for recipes for 10 years until the Circulation
brought me back to truth.

My favorite book right now - Plotinus, "The Enneads".
But other philosophers treated the same, and the Hermetica:

IMO and experience, you must follow the Mind/Nous/Eidos into matter/hyle;
the Intellectual Principle into the intelligibles; the subject to the object; ascending
and descending Jacob's ladder.

The subject IS the subject (of the art).
You must re-member the ladder, the Axis Mundi, sushumna... seek the Root in Heaven.

What is our Dragon IMO?


http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTEXQ_0F8R0z3X9O41MSJPG8L5UUbaSl pld2LjdewQrDL9up00l

Dragon = "to see"

What is a better symbol for the source - the eye that sees all but itself.

Why is it that the stone or Prima materia is everywhere and men do not see it,
just like the kingdom of Heaven?

Is it not like nonduality? The Reality is everywhere present, but men do not see it.

Love, Solomon

10-25-2011, 12:34 AM
In Norse lore, Odin had to 'sacrifice' one eye to drink from the well of wisdom.

This is sometimes interpreted as not actually 'loosing' (or 'sacrificing') an eye, but rather turning it INWARDS.

PS: Odin also used to cross-dress and dance with the witches :)

Those were the days :)