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11-21-2011, 01:54 AM
Seems too good to be true...and you know the saying...

However you can separate hydrogen and oxygen from water using electrolysis, but this takes more energy
input than you get out. I don't have a deep understanding of such things, but there is no smoke without fire.

I'll keep an open mind on this.

In the video below there is an experiment I like showing people...cut a grape equally in half, place
the two halves together in a microwave, turn it on and watch :)


This is not exactly related to the topic but does use molecular disassociation as I believe the water
engine does in the link above.

I know there is pent up energy in all matter (E=MC^2) nonetheless it is mostly locked up by strong
atomic bonds which require energy to release the potential energy encased.

I have always had the belief that, "you can't get something for nothing", energy can be converted from one
form to another, but not created from zero...This belief is rapidly crumbling.

I guess in an atomic bomb you get a lot more out than you have to put in; on the other hand the
materials used are already highly unstable and in a state of natural decay...I guess we just give it a
helping hand.


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Blog post I wrote a few moons past.

Cars that run on piss!