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01-05-2009, 12:18 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I have found several references online and in print about having interesting experiences (mostly in your dreams it seems) brought about by the consumption of alchemically made products such as ens tinctures(Stavish and Dubuis), plant stones(John Reid), the stone from urine(NCD) and metallic tinctures and stones(PON acetate path). And I would like to hear more confirmation of their claims.

So I was wondering if some of you have used such preparations with succes and what the experiences were like; and is it worth it?

And which preparations give the best results?

Right now I'm sitting on the fence trying to decide if I should invest in the necessary materials for herbal alchemy (tinctures and stones). I have started experiments with urine and have the mats for ens tinctures but have to wait with those until spring.

I think everyones mileage varies on these "alchemically" produced substances. In my own personal belief their effects are akin to a placebo...most people buy into it wanting something to happen. But this is just my opinion.
I would stick with the ens preparations. These will give you the best results you're looking for I believe.

Try to make an ens of Melissa. Paracelsus praised this medicine.
The preparation that I've felt the most is one you didn't mention - the m-state gold.
With it I've noticed increased vibrations, heard the humming of the "aura" or meisner fields,
and had some kundalini experiences and aware dreams.

Have some increased awareness with melissae ens, and definite vitality, but not the dreams yet.