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11-25-2011, 05:17 PM
Basically, while rebounding on a mini-trampoline, one is repetitively cycling between 0 and (up to) 3.25 G’s.

As such, I tend to envision a sort of energetic torroidal wave rising through the body with each bounce. Admittedly this is an ad-hoc oversimplification to hold me over until such time as I can lay hold of a more refined understanding. If I learn more I can add it to this thread.



“Rebounding is unique as an aerobic exercise because it stimulates, strengthens, and cleanses every cell in the body. This is because it uses vertical motion, rather than the horizontal motion that is used in all other forms of exercise. When you bounce up and down, your entire body goes through repetitive vertical acceleration and deceleration, working against gravity. At the bottom of every bounce, your entire body stops for a split second. At this moment, the force of gravity shoves down on every cell in your body. Then your body shoots back upward, again stopping for just a split instant. This is your moment in space; for this instant, you are weightless and gravityless. Because of the repetitive pushing and pulling on all your cells, the tissues and fibers and muscles in your body all grow stronger. Also, flushing out metabolic waste is increased by 300 percent by rebounding. The compression/decompression of cell membranes that occurs in rebounding significantly boosts the diffusion of fluid into and out of the cells, carrying in fresh oxygen and nutrients and flushing out the toxins. Rebounding can also substantially boost the immune system by increasing the activity of lymphocytes within the bloodstream. There is literally no other form of exercise that has this same capacity for total cellular cleansing.”

In harmony With the “On-Off” Impulse of the Universe

“The Rebounding mechanism brings about a number of vague and difficult to explain mental and physical responses that are tied to the laws of Physics.

The autonomic nervous system falls into a sine-wave activity of “on-off, on-off” which is the three dimensional wave motion of the entire physical universe at all levels. The “on-off” is responsible for the physiological conduction of nervous impulses along a neuron. By supplying this gentle, regular pattern of pulsation with rebounding, a person places himself in harmony with the “on-off” impulse of the universe and gets a beneficial physiological result.

At the level of the brain, the pulsing activity can and does bring about bilateral coordination of the cerebral hemispheres. As one bounces, neural impulses are set up along both limbs. Simultaneously and equally, those impulses cross over at the hindbrain but remain equal in strength. When they are perceived at the cortical hemispheres, the pulses are able to be seen on an electrical. They are visualized as coordinated, synchronized brain wave activity. This indicates there is a greater level of mental activity scientists have labeled “the eureka experience.

Since all the universe is made up of energy in the form of light (quantum theory) or wave motion, it is recognized there is alternation of activity and rest at the finest level. This is “on-off” activity and is fundamental to the maintenance of the physical universe. Its regularity brings about stability.

There are changes in your brain wave pattern, while bouncing, showing a spread of eight to nine cycles per second waves to the more frontal areas of the brain with the occasional occurrence of prominent and synchronized five to seven cycles per second waves. These patterns are different from those seen in other states of consciousness and mean that while you are rebounding you are in a state of restful inner alertness.”

-Morton Walker, Jumping for health


Due to space (& time) considerations, I won’t be going into this, but rebounding is probably the best means of clearing the lymph and intercellular fluid. The lymph system (unlike the venous system) does not have a pump. Rebounding drives the lymphatic fluids through the one-way valves.

On the importance of lymph [Shivaite esoteric perspective - included for its novelty]:


The lymph system is the external manifestation of the nerve forces. The ganglia are the way-house for the nerves. They register the nerve impulse which collects the lymph. This is carried by the blood.

This aphorism explains how the chakras, ganglia, are the way-house of the nerves, or where the nerves rest or are activated. It also tells us that the lymphatic system is the external manifestation on the physical plane in which the astral nerve energy is contained and flows through. The ganglia, or the chakras, compute or register all nerve impulses, collect and redistribute the lymph which is carried to various parts of the body through the blood.


Lymph is the manifestation of prana. Thoughts, or thought forms, are the products of the lymph.

Here we learn that lymph is the physical manifestation of pranic energies. Thoughts, which create forms with various shapes, colors and sounds, are not only created by this prana, they draw on the vital forces of the lymph itself. In those who think a lot, vitality is often depleted. Thought, prana and lymph are the vital forces which create the karmas which eventually return to us through others.


The blood is the carrier for the lymph. The heart is the organ for the blood. The diaphragm is the organ for the lymph. The lymph carries the nerve force -- negative chyme and positive chyle. Milk carries the lymph from the cow.

Here we learn that prana derived from milk carries lymph from the cow, as well as the cow's mood. Hindus worship the cow, sing to the cow, endeavor to uplift the cow, so that the mood of the cow is the highest it can manifest. The mood, the prana, the lymph go into the milk and uplift those who drink it."


On the Rebound [eBook]


Recommended Reading:



The original book. has good backstory material I didn't find in the updated version:


Have not read this one yet:


Albert Carter was the man to introduce mini-tramps in the '70's and who figured out the physics of its effectiveness. His family were traveling trampoline performers and one day he noticed that his very young son & daughter both had incredible upper-body strength - even though they just did a lot of acrobatic bouncing [The two would routinely compete between themselves over who could do the most push ups, for example]. It was he who informed NASA about rebounding. NASA later lauded rebounding as being “the most efficient exercise known to man.”

Electrically-Tuned Rebounder:


MeditationExpert [Bill Bodri] likes it:


The brand I have:


11-30-2011, 06:36 AM
Thanks a lot, your post convinced me to purchase an inexpensive $30 rebounder from Walmart :)
I can say that there is an obvious detox effect from using one of these. I was on mine for less than 15 minutes and afterward noticed when I urinated that it had turned a very bright yellow color, which is quite unusual for me.

11-30-2011, 11:16 AM
I’m happy you are giving this a shot, Nibiru.

I’ve been rebounding regularly for over 15 years now and, although I’d like to walk on trails or swim when I get the opportunity, I consistently gravitate to the rebounder because it’s conveniently close at hand - as well as evincing such a high effectuality/time ratio. Back when I lived in a second-floor apartment I would take it outside - even with snow on the ground.

One drawback of the cheaper rebounders is that the springs or mat often fail within weeks of use for some people. Then it goes to the curb and they give it up altogether [But I understand that beginning with a cheap model will give you a sense of whether or not you’ll want to commit yourself to an upgrade]. By contrast, I’ve never had a problem with the model I have, other than having to replace a spring every 4 months or so (can be purchased from the dealer).

I don’t get into a very elaborate routine. What I’ve settled into is to simply bounce with two hand-weights [I started at 3-lbs each and am now at 8-lbs], which I use in two or three different types of alternating curling motions in sync with my bounce. The G-force increase essentially multiplies the weight as well as the overall workload. By keeping the routine simple (yet rather comprehensively effectual) I feel I can more enjoy the meditative component. It also helps to have some nice music going on in the background. My personal favorite is a cassette of overtone singing in an empty watertower - which I never seem to tire of, for some reason.

The books I recommended can help give you a better idea of the wide range of benefits which rebounding specifically delivers. Knowing the benefits, and the lay of the land, helps kindle & encourage compliance [regular actual use] as well as giving one a better understanding of the Physics & Physiology of the matter. There are a number of fascinating/cool points about rebounding that I haven’t brought up but leave for others to discover on their own - if they feel led in that direction.

Regarding the detox-effect you experienced: Aside from the intercellular-fluid movement and lymph-pumping action that rebounding sets in motion, the G-force cycle [0G's > 3G's > 0G's > etc.] creates a pressure/release action gently squeezing EVERY cell (like you would a sponge).

Remember to think positive thoughts (if any) while rebounding, as you'll be the living embodiment of a homeopathic succussion jar!

I hope it works out for you. PM me anytime if you have questions or concerns.

12-04-2011, 04:26 AM
Thanks for the book recommendations :) I've noticed that bouncing on the trampoline/rebounder seems to have an energetic balancing effect that feels quite nice. After only 10 minutes of bouncing I'm left in a state that's similar to how I've felt after a nice reiki session. It also tends to put me in a positive mood for quite some time afterwards. I've also found that sitting with the legs crossed or in the lotus position in the center of the rebounder while lightly bouncing during meditation seems to be very effective for the boosting of energy levels..

12-05-2011, 04:40 PM
You are very experimental and good at gleaning insights from your experiments. [Sounds like a fortune cookie :)]

Yes, what you've noticed is similarly spoken of in the books and testimonials [which I mention because sometimes it's nice to hear additional outside confirmation of one's observations].

Something else you might notice, once you get into regular rebounding sessions: Since with each bounce you are having to somewhat recalibrate your position in space relative to the mat, you will find that, afterwards, your sense of balance on solid ground seems to be improved in a subtle way, along with an accompanying feeling [which is difficult to quantify or put in words] of improved orientation to space as you move through it. You'll find your own (better) terms for this once it becomes apparent.

12-06-2011, 01:14 AM
Perhaps it is related to Yogic Flying?