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This fits so well with that feeling I get...

...From the One Ďstrandsí, for want of a better word, exude into each of us and you can feel it when
you close off your monkey mind chatter. I believe this is what we call intuition ... a sort of knowing
that does not originate in the mind...

I have a feeling that this is going to be revealed to all very soon. Either that or Iím going slightly insane.

In the same thread Sol went on to say...

I've had similar experiences. Several times I've seen quite clearly that we are
"experience machines" in a sense, but also more. I've experienced the DNA
as "experience machines", something akin to what we think of as soul, gathering
experiences from this plane/vibration and then when we die and disintegrate on
some level there are these beings, which I have experienced as the DNA world,
that want to know what we learned or acquired from our journey. These DNA
remind me of insects or machines, busy bees or ants, a hive mind or collective
that is very focussed on gathering this knowledge from all the vessels that DNA

Which echo's the theme of your link

SW wrote...

I used to picture the universe as being mechanical like you
describe but now I picture it more as pure thought.

It wasnít the universe that was being described as mechanical, rather the vessel we call animal.

Then after Sol asked SW to describe it....

Describe it?

Well.....whenever, I think of something that shortly after appears or manifests... it gets me wondering
whether my thoughts created it or somehow caused the situation or manifestation ... or whether it was
just a coincidence... not sure. The possibility that the physical is just a projection of will or thought
comes to mind.

That's all really.

Exactly...Thatís ALL :)

:) Does this make alchemy a mental exercise? What else could it be if the universe is a thought?

I think thatís a strong possibility... Iím thinking of a great big ice-cream sundae. :)

I think Seth brings the point home when he writes...

Words are not merely what we think of as written or spoken language - they are deeper, and do not have to
take a form we would normally consider to be words. The same note, the same vibration, can stir the same
feeling and point in many different people, and different feelings in others. True language transcends the mere

Topped off with SWís

"...thoughts are real things on their way to becoming tangible in our material world."


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Great article, thanks for sharing it!

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If u wish to ascend you must raise your frequency, only through a positive polarity can you do this my friends :)