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01-05-2012, 02:29 PM
Jollivet Castelot, between the centuries 19 and 20 performed real experiments to produce precious metals, and published in his books, one of those experiments performed with an electric furnace smelting, and melted 10 grams of silver approximately (I forget the exact amount of grams) with a small amount of kermes (antimony oxysulfide) and orpiment (arsenic trisulfide) and got about half a gram of gold. I want to perform this experiment using the oven: http://www.metallab.net/arcmelt.php.

But does anyone know if the true result is yellow silver, or gold?

There is a book that collects all the works of Jollivet Castelot is called:
"Modern Alchemy And Transmutation: How Jollivet Castelot Transmute One Gram Of Gold".


I bought this book but is no longer available
If someone has this book we can negotiate, I have several books about transmutation and alchemy to exchange.