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solomon levi
01-05-2009, 11:52 PM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

Has anyone read this?
I have a copy and it's in spanish.
I can understand bits and pieces.
I'm thinking of google-translating the whole thing.

It looks good.

The contents are:
Finis Gloriae Mundi
The inversion of the poles
the alchemical secret
confusion regarding the subject of the wise
the emerald tablet
the resistence of the materia
neither more nor less
and... Multiplication
Well I heard that it was a fake...I have yet to read it though, my Spanish isn't that good...and it should be suspect that it isn't in French (atleast I heard that there wasn't a French version, I could be wrong). It would be great if the real Finis Gloriae Mundi came out (supposing this one isn't)...if the time wasn't right for him to release it back then, it most likely is the right time now...since I believe we are in the Glory at The End of the World. Either way I would be curious to look through it.
Solomon Levi, is this the book you're referencing?

yes. That's the one.