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01-23-2012, 02:35 PM
I jut wanted to introduce myself before I post any more add-ons to older threads while I weed my way across the forum. I started looking into Alchemy about 3-4 months ago when I was stumbling along on Hermetic Studies as a step up from High Magic as it's considered among many of the pagan communities. I spent many of my younger days studying witchcraft and connections to spiritualism in high school, believing to have identified some kind of over arching pattern that I could not explain, I ate as many books on the subject as I could manage. College saw a mellowing period for me, and coming out of that, I walked right back into it while studying Massage Therapy and seeing the energetic body active and interacting between myself and my clients. Distance healing and related concepts came easy, as well as seeing things like auras and astral projection. I wanted more theory, more discussion, and more understanding that I had gotten on my own and while studying 'wiccan' book writers like Buckland and Gardner in my first introduction to the mysteries of the world. Reading on people like Dion Fortune and Crowley started the wheels turning, and while that didn't seem to be answering questions, it did point me in another direction. I started with Golden Dawn, but the initial book I picked up proved far too complicated and I wanted to slow things down a lot more and make sure I knew what I was getting into first. So, here I am. Alchemy, or the theme of such, has been appearing in my path for the last few months until I started agreeing to join in on it, and through some internet digging I found this site. I read one of the books by Robert Bartlett on practical Alchemy and am now working through the Emerald Tablet by Dennis Hauck. I often feel like I should be more aware of what is to be done on this path, but when left to answer my own questions, I am at a complete loss. I'm hoping that by being on here and reading what's been posted, as well as posting some myself, I'll be able to find a way to step into the work that won't leave me feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing when I should be very much aware and sure about the process and all the details of it. I'm going from a field where I've learned so very much already to a field where I feel like I know nothing that hasn't come out of my own head./heart/heart-mind already. I'm seeking and floundering in a sea of knowledge and information and I'm trying very hard to organize it into a picture that I can look at and study/observe clearly.

A bit about me, I'm currently in Shanghai, China, teaching English to small children on an almost daily basis. I adore science, though I've never studied it in depth previously. If I can lose myself in a subject mentally, I likely will do so for hours at a time. I love to dance, as I feel like it's part of the expression of my soul. I find it easier to smile than to frown. Laughter and food are both great medicines. I'm an adopted child from a birth home of Germans into a family of Polish Americans. I take singing lessons and study Chinese Medicine in my spare time. I like traveling and learning about wine. Thanks for allowing me to join in your forum and I hope to learn much while I'm here!