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01-26-2012, 05:59 AM
Hello all (my first post),

I have delved much more deeply into the alchemical texts and resources available to practionters of our Work in the past few weeks. In searching I ran across this forum online (a bit more crowded than my other alchemy forum). This forum appears to be a really intelligent groups of alchemists who discuss everything from OMREs (never heard of it until last night), practical and spiritual alchemy. I spent easily six hours poring (I can never spell that word correctly!) forums reading everything of interest that I saw. As I read I ran across a post where a practitioner argued that alchemy needed to step into the information age, and be much more free with its knowledge.

This led me to thinking (as I am wont to do). Does alchemy truly needed to step into the modern age? Haven't the older generation of alchemists (as in.... more than twenty years) already made small
concessions to this plea? Texts are available in abundance online, wonderful people like Steve Kalec and folks here post pictures of their work. How much more do students of alchemy these days want?

For my part, I am a student of alchemy in the present time. This search for knowledge is less than five years old for me. However, I take the teachings online with a grain of salt (a block really), and I
listen to what others have to say. This does not stop me from reading over the texts that came before the internet of course. Admittedly most of them are on Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader. :-) If
anything having a different point of view than my own so readily accessible allows me to challenge myself and challenge my previous notions of the Work as I interpreted it.

What do you all think? Do alchemists need to be more free with their work than in previous generations? Or are they already doing enough?

P.S. Until I take up practical lab work I will continue to refer to myself as student of alchemy, and not an alchemist. Just an explanation. Blame Dennis William Hauck. :)

01-26-2012, 06:32 PM
Welcome. :)

I personally thing that there is plenty out there already for anyone who is seriously interested. Concepts of Alchemy are in everything, from symbols in the modern marketing world, to child-hood shows and stories. If one's Spirit is not enticed, it simply is not ready. For those who hear and heed the calling, Nature has always been the same Hidden-Open Book that its always been. ;)
Forums like these show us all sharing information, and our work - and experimentation is always encouraged (though safety is also ;) ) because our words should not be simply Believed, but simply believe enough to see for one's self.

There are a ton of books, modern and ancient, available - most are so redundant (ive gotten to where i dont read a lot anymore - none of it "surprises me", as i already know/understand the concepts - "burn my books and whiten my laton" phase i suppose) plus living bodies of people, like here and others, where things are always being discussed and shown. Its all already out there - people just have to want it, work for it, pray and meditate on it. :)

lol and no worries, i blame Dennis William Hauck for a lot (in a good way though lol). Maybe one day i'll join that Guild... :cool:


01-27-2012, 07:31 AM
Hey annabelle

As Mike Pinder says (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hprKBU9btN8):

all the old things are returning
cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we've been yearning for.
Life is our saviour

I would not worry so much about the lab work, I found my inroads in the simplest of experiments, combined with the contemplation of nature. Thermal parks are the shiznit, if they're in your area all the more the better, nature teaches us so much just by example!

Take care

01-27-2012, 10:41 AM

I recognize that the lab work will come when I am both ready for it and able to conduct it. Not overly worried about the lab work as a whole. Thank you for the advice though!


I have been reading my wee little brain off, and for the most part I am learning quite a few of the similarities of the works available. However it's that tricky doublespeak that I need to wrap my head around. *chuckle*

In terms of this thread I think that the current practitioners have made a good effort of ensuring that the w/Works you're after are available online, and that there is an open discourse. Everything is done for us, and you need only ask.