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01-26-2012, 07:54 AM
Hello all,

This is actually my second post, but we'll just pretend that this is the first. ;)

I am a 24 (25 in March) year old soldier who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Thankfully I return home in June, and cannot wait. Basic stats: 24 years old, female, 6' tall, brunette, green eyes, slim build. I am a student of alchemy, and I have started a very subtle inquiry into the OTO. My foray into alchemy started three years ago in October. It was a month before I deployed to Iraq, and I had what can only be described as a lucid dream. Or astral travelling. I haven't entirely figured it out myself.

I was visited by Thoth, and transitioned from my old astral realm to a realm completely unknown to me. The only parts of Thoth I ever saw were a gigantic representation of him pointing towards the horizon, and later in the experience his foot. I also saw a representation of my (now ex) husband, who displayed five symbols to me. The symbols, as I later came to figure out made two things: a woman on her back with her legs splayed and innermost parts revealed; and my personal Hieroglyphic Monad.

I would not discover the latter until many, many months later. Actually more like a year. I'll post the symbols and their corresponding shapes in my photo album some time in the near future for the curious. One of the symbols turned out to be the seal of Count Cagllisotro (forgive the mispelling). This led me to alchemy.

I consider myself a practical student first, then spiritual. I belong to the International Alchemy Guild (not much of a feat these days, mind you) and an alchemy group on Yahoo! run by Steve Kalec. Brilliant fellow. Currently I am poring over texts I have on my hard drive, reading forum posts and exploring the prima materia. Once I return home I'll start working on the seven tinctures for the seven plants ala plant alchemy. Eventually I will start the mineral, but I have many, many years to go.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you, and hopefully meet! As an aside I plan to attend the international alchemy conference this year.

01-26-2012, 08:05 AM
Thanks for intro. Welcome!


solomon levi
01-29-2012, 04:04 AM
Welcome Annabelle!

01-30-2012, 03:58 PM
Hello anabell-lee,

nice to meet you here .... Joy