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01-27-2012, 10:45 PM
Hi... !

I need a word for something I am writing. I've been using google, but I can't find it.
One of those situations in which the brain manages to forget a word and knows its definition... (very much like when you know who is a person, but you completely forgot his name!).

The word: a failed being created by an alchemist, a monster-like being.
The word I am trying to find is not Homunculus, Golem or Chimera, but it's very close...
It's been quite often represented as a reptile monster.

I simply need the word for an essay... thanks for the help and sorry for the silly question. Our memory can be really hateful sometimes...

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It's a word that it is not really used beyond alchemy... probab˝y not used at all beyond alchemical texts.
It's a word that is often used to describe a failed experiment...
It is similar to homunculus, chimera or golem... I mean, a created creature...
It's often shown as some sort of lizard... or reptile.
It's a word that probably we all know... and heard many times...
I'm hating my memory so much right now.

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Thank you!!!!! Yeah.... Basilisk... Thanks, thanks a lot.

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Thank you!!!!! Yeah.... Basilisk... Thanks, thanks a lot.

My pleasure - you're most welcome!

For those interested, I'm sure there are numerous sources about magically/alchemically created beings on the web.

01-28-2012, 03:42 AM
Alchemically *created*?

I've heard magically created or in terms of mythological workings, etc, but I've never read it as alchemical before. Is this a common theme that I've missed along the lines? If so, that'd be a very interesting garden of beastly creations to consider in the process of working directly with Alchemy in the lab. o.o My imagination is taking wing on this one.