View Full Version : Spagyric fail!

01-28-2012, 04:07 PM
Im very new to Alchemy.

I attempted my first seperation of Sulphur from Horsetail today, and failed i think!?

I steam injected the herb from directly below and obtained lots of clear distilled water with STRONG smells to it, but no oil. The collector just showed clear liquid, do i have the oil in clear form? or have i done something wrong. It was steaming for a good 5 hours.

Ive kept the liquid from the receiver, and water was being syphoned off by the gravity of something.

I tried Rosemary this morning and within 20mins i had some oil and after around 2 hours i had 15ml or so. So now i have emptied the herb into a kilner jar with some sugar and red wine to ferment, it was very dry so i added some of the recirculated water to it to mush it a bit. I guess its a waiting game now. I didnt add any yeast but im hoping to get some today, unless the wine is sufficient?