View Full Version : Cleaning off Frankincense Residue

01-29-2012, 05:41 PM
Can anyone tell me a good, gentle, solvent for cleaning off Frankincense residue.

I burn a lot of Frankincense and this puts a coating on everything in the home...it's starting to get difficult to
draw the curtains :(

I see it on my keyboard as I type...it does come off, but it takes ages and then it builds up again. Ordinary
household cleaners dont seem to do much.

Suggestions, other than not burning it, please?


01-30-2012, 10:34 PM
The Ciff white cream may be your friend... LOL... not really an alchemical advice, but it's mostly good for cleaing everything (except the curtains or stuff made of fabric... I assume your curtains are made of fabric).
(bad thing is that it's a product by Unilever... which is mostly like the Devil incarnated in a corporation)

Also, whilst some incense can feel armonizing, a LOT of incense isn't a good idea.

The same dirt you see in all your stuff... also gets into your lungs... which you won't be able to clean with Ciff.

You know what the Greeks said... a bit of everything is OK... and excess of something becomes Hybris.