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solomon levi
01-05-2009, 11:59 PM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

I'll try to provide an outline of alchemical/cabalistic astrology here.
This will be brief and incomplete - just a taste.
There may be other systems/interpretations.

Our two main luminaries are the sun and moon, sulphur and mercury.
The sun produces heat and thus motion of all things.
The moon provides moisture/lubrication for the moving parts.
Thus we have our two humors or vapours: hot and dry, wet and cold.

This gives our four elements:
fire is hot and dry
water is wet and cold
air is hot and wet
earth is cold and dry.

Water and fire, moon and sun, also provide our two solvents or separators:
fire purges the fixed and seperates the conjoined
water purges the volatile and conjoins the dissolved.

There will be alot of editing here - I need to do this in installments to make sure the computer
doesn't log me off and make me have to write this over.

All generation comes from putrefaction which requires moist heat, thus both our luminaries.
Remove air from water and it putrefies.
Remove air from fire and it extinguishes.
Air has a magnetic virtue as it carries the seed.

Another relation is that fire preserves the earth from drowning;
Air preserves fire from smothering;
Water preserves earth from not being burnt.
These relations must be observed in the balances inside your flask.
The changes/motion of the sun create the changes/motion on earth.
The year is divided into solstices (sol-sun; sistere-stop; the sun appears to stop in the sky) and
equinoxes (equal nights; and days).

The longest day is on summer solstice;
then the day and night are equal on autumn equinox;
then the shortest day on winter solstice;
then equal again on spring equinox....

So we observe in nature an alchemical circulation always occuring.
The moon goes through similar waxing and waning each month (mens).

The year and the compass points are thus divided:
winter - north - cold and wet
spring - east - wet and hot
summer - south - hot and dry
autumn - west - dry and cold

Again - circulation.

"All sudden changes are averse to nature" Thus the alchemist must have patience.

There is also the matter of an internal sun/heat in the earth, in man, in all living things,
that is required for generation.
The zodiac:

The three principles and four elements thus manifest the twelve months of the zodiac.
There is a mutable (mercury) fire, a fixed (salt) fire, and a cardinal (sulphur) fire.
The same goes for the other three elements.

Aries = sulphur-fire = calcination
Taurus = salt-earth = congealation
Gemini = mercury-air = fixation
Cancer = sulphur-water = solution
Leo = salt-fire = digestion
Virgo = mercury-earth = distillation
Libra = sulphur-air = sublimation
Scorpio = salt-water = separation
Sagittarius = mercury-fire = ceration
Capricorn = sulphur-earth = fermentation
Aquarius = salt-air = multiplication
Pisces = mercury-water = projection

So you can once again observe the rotation/circulation of the elements and principles.
The ruling planets really describe the alchemical operations.
The qualities of the planets are:

sun - hot and dry - gold
moon - cold and moist - silver
mercury - is not really given humors but is fire, air and water.
venus - cold and moist
mars - hot and dry - iron
jupiter - hot and moist - tin
saturn - cold and dry - lead

the year is divided into solar and lunar.
From leo to capricorn is solar;
from aquarius to cancer is lunar.
This must be taken into account since each planet rules a solar and lunar month.

So let's just begin our year at the sun month:
in Leo we have full solar power, not governed/filtered by any other planet.
in Virgo we have the solar heat "distributed" by the messenger Mercury.
in Libra we have the solar heat given "fruition" by Venus' cold and moist qualities.
in Scorpio the fruits of Libra are purged by the fires of Mars.
in Sagittarius this calcined fruit putrefies under the hot and moist qualities of Jupiter.
in Capricorn the coldness of Saturn fixes the heat of the Sun.
in Aquarius the dryness of Saturn fixes the moisture of the moon - (our lunar months begin here)
in Pisces the heat and moisture of Jupiter combine with the moisture of Lune to ferment the fixed.
in Aries the fire of Mars calcines this Lunar ferment into a pure product fit for...
Taurus' Venusian fruitfulness - a calcined seed fit for Taurean earth.
in Gemini Mercury/air distributes this seed.
in Cancer the pure unmitigated waters of Lune cause the solution...

So there it is. Maybe not all clear. May require some meditation.
But that's one view, perhaps not totally consistent with the alchemical operations attributed to
each month, but consistent with nature.

Please don't ask me to explain anything. This is not MY view. I don't defend it. It's just info.
There is much to be gleaned from the decans as well.
I have used ancient terms as opposed to modern.
Just reviewing their titles reveals much alchemical symbolism:

Leo - the lion
1) hydra - the serpent
2) crater - the cup/grail
3) corvus - the raven

Virgo - the virgin
1) coma - the desired one
2) centaurus - a centaur is half human, half horse
3) bootes - the coming one

Libra - the scales/balances
1) crux - the cross (also crucible)
2) victima - the victim
3) corona - the beer. just kidding - the crown

Scorpio - the scorpion
1) serpens - the serpent
2) orphiuchus - the serpent holder
3) hercules - the mighty

Sagittarius - the archer
1) lyra - the lyre/harp
2) ara - the altar
3) draco - the dragon

Capricornus - the sea-goat, goat-fish; literally - goat horn
1) sagitta - the arrow
2) aquila - the eagle
3) delphinus - the dolphin

Aquarius - the water bearer
1) pisces australis - the southern fish
2) pegasus - the winged horse
3) cygnus - the swan

Pisces - the fishes
1) the band - the band/bridle
2) andromeda - the chained woman; literally - man-ruler
3) cepheus - the crowned king

Aries - the lamb
1) casseopeia - the throned woman
2) cetus - the sea-monster
3) perseus - the breaker

Taurus - the bull/ox
1) orion - the glorious/brilliant
2) eridanus - the river
3) auriga - the shepherd

Gemini - the twins
1) lepus - the enemy
2) canis major - the prince
3) canis minor - the redeemer

Cancer - the crab
1) ursa minor - the lesser sheepfold
2) ursa major - the greater sheepfold
3) argo - the ship
Thank you, this is great info