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02-04-2012, 03:29 AM
Ascertain that this endeavour is solely an act of fervent love and foolish mercy, and it is such because I love all who seek after my father's work; I will employ the sum of my intellect to render the working of mortality plain unto the wise. Young and beloved brothers and sisters I proclaim to you that unless you heed these idle and beguiling words... you will never obtain what so many seek. Fret not at my language for soon you will ascertain the reasoning, if not already. I will labour to slay inanity and shew the most elementary and most president study of our art. Heed all who have ears, that I will not waste breath but give unto you an exact parable of what I have done with my own hands. Ascertain this, that I only speak of my own labours. Ascertain this, that unless a man be born of water... and of FIRE you will never see the kingdom of God the father God the Son and God the Holy spirit Amen Amen Amen.
My Bride
She is beautiful beyond all other things... for she knows only her father's works, and she is the mother of his only son, who also is her mother. With wind she takes the moisture of water and wets the earth; then fire warms that foul thing and accrues life.

With Air, the servant of Mercury, she is able to draw out her water to soak her earth... then when she draws of her fire and it does not destroy her earth.

Air and water must first be join as the clouds that distils rain, then can fire and earth merge into one thing.

She is my bride. Her soul is as a flame, Her mind is as the gale, Her spirit is as the rivers, Her body is as the stone... together they give her life.

And now plainly I say unto you... control you dreams.
And now plainly I say unto you... you are composed as the earth.
And now plainly I say unto you... love and fear God, who is not mocked, and you will find that I speak too plainly of these things
And now plainly I say unto the wise... I have a room without doors, yet I know its workings well. How is this so.

Fret not... for soon you will understand my reasoning, but heed- please heed these words and ponder them greatly for in them I give you the key-less key to open a door-less room.

I hope that one day we will meet face to face. and to the wicked and foolish my words are nonsense to you.

02-04-2012, 03:43 AM
It is better for a man to know nothing of this art... then be called master, and have his own reasoning become the poison that kills his understanding