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solomon levi
01-06-2009, 12:08 AM
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The Gnostics - supposedly Basilides coined the word - had an image they called ABRAXAS (sometimes ABRASAX).
It is a rooster-headed, human-torsoed, serpent-legged being with a whip with three tails in one hand and a shield
in the other.
I've often heard or read alchemists refer to gnosticism. I've studied and practiced some gnosticism myself but
hadn't made any alchemical connections. So I started to contemplate this and here's what I have so far.

The ABRAXAS symbol has obvious alchemical symbolism, but I've always understood it interpreted differently.
So serpent-legged could be mercury, or the stone serpents. And the rooster, which is usually interpreted as a symbol
of a creature that heralds the dawn, could alchemically be heralding gold. We also have the green language reference
to gall___ again (rooster = gallos in spanish) which Fulcanelli gave considerable attention to.

The name ABRAXAS itself adds up to 365, the number of days in a year, but also the number of Aeons according to
the gnostics. An aeon isn't simply an age or length of time, but more a frequency or plane of existence.

The other possible connection I thought of was that the gnostics were very interested in freeing themselves
from the influence of the zodiac, something alchemists practice when taking planetary entia.

Side note - the gnostics also saw the serpent in the garden of eden as a liberator, as the greeks
in the book The Parthenon Code, and the book The Merovingian Mythos.
Abraxas is also connected to another Gnostic deity Chnoubis/Knoubis or the "soul of the world" as Fulcanelli stated.
I copied this post of mine from another forum just to add it to this thread... some things have already been mentioned...

Abrahadabra has been identified with Abrasax (also Abraxas) who is also considered synonymous with Aeon, both stemming from ancient Gnosticism. - from this thread (http://forums.abrahadabra.com/showthread.php?t=133)I've been having a lot of Synchs with this word of late... :what:
The letters of Abraxas, in the Greek system of alphabetic numerology, sum to the number 365, and the Basilideans gave the name to the 365 orders of spirits which, as they conceived, emanated in succession from the Supreme Being. These orders were supposed to occupy 365 heavens, each fashioned like, but inferior to that above it; and the lowest of the heavens was thought to be the abode of the spirits who formed Earth and its inhabitants, and to whom was committed the administration of its affairs.

In addition to the word Abraxas and other mystical characters, they have often symbolic mystical figures engraved on them. The most common of these have the head of a fowl, and the arms and bust of a man, and terminate in the body and tail of a serpent. - wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraxas)
The origins of the God Abraxas are mysterious though it is believed the concept existed in ancient Egypt. It is thought that Abraxas was then adopted by Jewish mystics and then later by the Gnostic Christians. So Abraxas has a long history in the esoteric circles of the Mediterranean and near East. - source (http://www.iawwai.com/Abraxas.htm)
Abraxas, also known as Abrasax, is a Gnostic solar deity associated with Yahweh, Mithras and the Celtic Belenus, as well as Yeshu (Jesus). - source [link broken]
http://www.alchemylab.com/Abraxas_a_Gnostic_Pantheon.jpg (http://www.alchemylab.com/)http://www.iawwai.com/MultiAbraxas.jpg (http://www.iawwai.com/Abraxas.htm)