View Full Version : Spring cleaning

03-01-2012, 08:54 PM
For the record I have decided to make this place a little more exclusive. In other words people who register and never post (not once in a whole year) gets deleted. If people want to lurk that is ok, you don't need to register for this.

I will also delete those that have made 1 or 2 posts, but have not returned for over a year.

People who have posted more but have not been around for a long time I will send a PM first to check.

No one needs to feel stressed that if they don't post on a regular basis their account will be deleted. I am only cleaning up my own mess because I have let too many people in here that have not showed enough interest in discussing alchemy. People who have stated when registered "I'm interested" or "talking to likeminded"... these types rarely participate. If people can't write even one sentence to explain why they want to join, why should they write any more once they do join?

If you are a member and reading this post then that means you will not be affected by this spring cleaning (as you are present and accounted for, LOL)!