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03-01-2012, 11:44 PM
Global Charging Healing and Prayer Session

This event combines the intention of bringing the hearts and minds of people meditating and praying for world peace, healing, and global unity together with the amazing zero-point field technology of the joe cell and moe-joe cells.
For years, I had this dream of uniting all the people with joe cells and moe-joe cells along with various sacred geometries and other special technologies, combined with all other like-minded people, to gather for world healing, peace, and focusing on certain global issues, to help accelerate world change.

And this has finally become a reality! For the first time, a group of friends with Joe cells, Moe-joe cells, and other sacred geometries, technologies, and people of like mind, joined together and had amazing sessions, tapping into the zero-point field that united all the hearts and minds of the people holding the "circle" of consciousness.

Click here to read more and to be a part of the next (4th) Global Charging and Healing Session.
(http://www.nutopia.cc/nutopian-public-forum/global-moe-joe-a-joe-cell-charging-prayer-a-healing-sessions)Navigate on that page to see clips of the previous sessions.

The energy is really incredible - and very powerful - how when we combine our own zero-point fields, with the technology of the joe cells and the moe-joe cells, how profoundly we can connect and affect change.

Be a part of the Session! on Sunday March 11th, 2012 from 1pm - 2pm Eastern Standard Time.
Sign up now! (http://www.nutopia.cc/nutopian-public-forum/global-moe-joe-a-joe-cell-charging-prayer-a-healing-sessions)


Please note - you do not have to have a moe-joe cell or a joe cell to participate.
You can bring yourself, your crystal, your friends, your cat, and join with us!