View Full Version : easy ammonium sulfate

solomon levi
03-02-2012, 06:00 PM
I think this should work or might need some tweaking.
When we combine a solution of epsom salts and ammonia/spirit of urine,
magnesium hydroxide precipitates.
This could be used for making ormus or something else if you have
a use for magnesia alba.
But I'm thinking what is left after decanting will be ammonium sulfate solution
which could be evaporated for the dry or used as is for the wet.
Ammonium sulfate, Glauber's secret sal ammoniac, has action on most metals
either in fusion or wet way/boiling solution, sometimes produces calxes of the metals,
sometimes dissolving them, sometimes subliming - check old chemistry books on googlebooks.

This way we avoid having to find/buy sulfuric acid.
It will take some experimenting, but I don't think we want to water down the ammonia
too much.

btw - Glauber is often eccentric about his discoveries, but maybe he's also leaving out
some details for the layman.