View Full Version : resources for green language and gematria

solomon levi
03-09-2012, 06:58 PM
These are some tools i use frequently:


Here you type in the beginning letters of a word you know to see which other
words come up and have analogy. I mean the above link, for greek cabala, Fulcanelli...

Here you can do the same for etymological roots:

This is one of the best for Hebrew gematria:

I use this for greek but it's not so good. Maybe there's a better:

If it's associated to the Bible, this may be useful, but it also complicates things
because it has so many variants other than the root word that shows up. But you can check
the strong's concordance on the site:

And this one to read hebrew and greek of the bible to find the gematria -
you have to know how to add them youself. But again you can check concordance
and compare with other translation and stuff. Really good site IMO: