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03-25-2012, 01:38 AM
I had an incident a few weeks ago that I have been planning to document, mainly for myself but perhaps others will find some of it interesting.

Anyway when it comes to smoking joints I normally know what my abilities are. I rarely smoke too much, or too little for that matter. One time when I was young, drunk and stupid (also lacking in sleep) I smoked too much and fainted.

Cannabis has always been a way for me to be normal. And even though I don't do it daily, only during certain periods, I still feel that perhaps it is no longer my kind of thing. Then after my Shamanic experiences I was told this same information again. By the Shamans, and by ayahuasca as well. I was also warned not to smoke too soon when getting back as the experience might be more powerful than normal.

When I got back to Europe I felt I didn't want to smoke anymore, but I also wanted to see if I would notice any difference. So I sat in a coffee shop smoking away. Then suddenly I noticed a high coming on so much stronger than what I was used to. I recalled that day long ago when I had fainted. This was the same kind of high. I didn't feel like fainting where I was so I decided to bounce, get home quickly. I don't live that far away.

The journey home was a long hard crossing of the desert. Trying to stay awake, and stay on my feet. When I got to my house I began climbing the stairs, and in my house there are many. This was even more difficult than walking. I was so close now, but not sure I would make it.

During my ayahuasca ceremony I had a death trip. The feeling of departing, and actually doing so. In death, in that moment of death, we are alone. This is something we have to face, all of us one day. I suddenly thought this could be my death. If I fall now I could break something badly. The same mood that was in my ayahuasca trip a month earlier returned. The same vibe. I tried to get the key in my door, and I fell... fainted... straight back. Banged my head in the floor. This woke me up instantly. I was almost back to normal. I went to my couch. Ends well.

It is difficult to explain, but the portents and the signs and the continued experience I have since my time with the Shamans keeps evolving in big and small ways. I am almost clear on the meaning of all these things... but not fully. Very difficult to put into words. Might seem like a small thing when told, but when experienced it's very traumatic.

The world is a playground, I find it amazing... like being a child again.


03-25-2012, 04:35 PM
A playground for experience :)


07-09-2012, 01:19 AM
I fainted again from a joint, this time in my house by the trash can. This happened a few weeks ago, and the other day I smoked another and got a heavy headache.

I think the ayahuasca has made me incapable of smoking joints. I can't take it anymore.

The second time I fainted I put on some Icaros and listened to the Shamans sing for a few hours... it was only after a few hours that I realized I had by accident put repeat on one of the Icaros, so I had listened to the same song over and over again. I went into a kind of trance.

So in 15 years of smoking cannabis I've fainted 3 times, two of them happened this year after the ayahuasca informed me that I should stay away from it.

A lump of hasch came to me yesterday free of charge, I gave it away.


07-09-2012, 07:16 PM
The two are not compatible in at least a few areas, such as lucid/dream/shamanic awareness. What one facilitates, the other inhibits.

Both can be used for healing, but Cannabis is more physical/effect centered, and usually does not require any special participation of the partaker.

Ayahuasca acts more on the spirit/cause level, and requires a certain level of participation and 'navigational skills'.

Not unlike in the movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ', they may be seen as (sort of) 'antagonists' between Spirit and Flesh.

I know these things from people who have done both. I myself use neither.
It could also be a good idea to check for changes in blood pressure during 'normal' states. This is also a factor that COULD be involved with the fainting, IMO.

07-10-2012, 12:23 AM
I just don't think I need it as much anymore. Before it was a tool to feel normal as I am pretty hyper, but I have found that the Icaros create the same kind of effect as a joint does. I kind of enjoy a joint in the way a person that drinks enjoy a glass of red wine, works great with a movie... but in the end, for me, it is passe. Like most things in my life I reach a point and it kind of feels over and done with. Doesn't help me anymore...

I am a very experienced smoker so it is very strange that I have become such a weak smoker. But I recall very strongly how I at one point during the Aya-ceremonies thought about joints and my higher-self told my lower-self; "come on, don't do it anymore". Too bad, one thing I really like is sharing a joint with a visitor/friend over a discussion... have to think of some other scenario. Smoke is spiritual... but I do not do cigarettes... oh well. What do they say... you can't eat and keep the cake...

I have a very slow pulse, used to be a long distance runner... before I fainted my heartbeat became faster... anyway it all makes my life feel like a movie (hard to explain in words) but it is like I am in some sort of psychedelic Truman Show. I like the fact that this has happened. It just makes the whole Aya-thing even more interesting to investigate.