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01-06-2009, 12:56 AM
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I re-sized the image... I think larger than this and those with smaller screens will see less of the image!

Anyway I like it!

What are the deep thoughts behind it (apart from it being a tool of the alchemical trade)?

No deep thoughts, the image was
kind of an accidental formation...

But I welcome (and edit to highlight) any and all
moments of unintentional or accidental brilliance...

It was actually part of a series of 6 images that suggested
an imagined genesis to the binary yin/yang glyph...
Cool idea MythMath and thanks for the explanation...sometimes I'm not really sure where these images are stemming from and it helps a lot to be able to talk to the artist while he's still alive.

I mean let's face it, most of the alchemical images we have are old and outdated, and we havn't been able to talk to the authors/artists in over 400 years...

Yeah...genesis of yin and yang...I've been to that movie before...lol
I think that this type of art both contains and releases...

It contains and documents all of the specific content that the designer intended...

But it also generates, and then releases, new content through the acts of being viewed,
contemplated, assimilated and ultimately re-incorporated into new concepts...

As the artist, it's hard to know where begin in discussing these images, some
things that seem obvious to some are the most concealed to others...

But when people ask direct questions,
this recursive expansion process can occur...
Wow! I like it a lot!

Thank you for sharing. I think there's a lot there to get into. A LOT.

First, the hexagram is the symbol of creation par excellence.

Also, you show the Vesica Piscis (the 2 overlapping circles form its shape) and its significance to creation:
"The vesica piscis is the crucible of the creative
process and is known as the first form of creation. It is an opening to
the womb from which geometric forms are born. The vesica piscis is a
yoni (Sanskrit term for the female generative organs) through which the
geometric shapes and patterns of our universe emerge. The vesica piscis
(literally, a bladder (vesica) when filled with air would be the form
of a fish (piscis), and was the central diagram of Sacred Geometry for
the Christian mysticism of the middle ages."

In the circles, the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life?

Also, triangles within triangles, gets into the infinite holographic nature of creation, since the triangle is generally a symbol for manifestation. One could go on like this. I don't know much on sacred geometry though.
Well, sure, there's that...

That's good, mesc...!

I think I'll post the other images from this series...

(I need to shrink them down a bit first)
MythMath, is this image based on these concepts?:


I've only just recently discovered this guy's work and concepts. Most interesting!quote="MythMath"]Most definitely...

m1thr0s' work has formed the foundation of my own explorations...

To me, his (chrono)logical approaches to alchemical transmutation is
elemental to the task of replacing superstitions with (meta)physics...[/quote]