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01-06-2009, 01:06 AM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm) created by LadyHydralisk.

I've started a new painted depiction (comic book style) of the experience that started in mid April, it helps for me to lay out these images as a story rather than simply write them down...Also I can come to an understanding of what is happening as the new images themselves often underscore new and subtle currents I was not aware of or didn't notice in the vision itself...

This is all moving according to alchemical process, I have been using both the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and the Emerald tablet as my primary guides on what to do next. The occurences are met with severe physical duress and mentally challenging affairs which stress logic and mind beyond what is normally seen in most esoteric work. So I would like to continue this series here with the accompanying text from the magickal journal. If anyone has any feedback you are welcome to add it.

I mostly hang out at conceptart.org which is where I consider my main base of operations - you can post as many penises and naughty things as you like, so naturally, I censor everything....

I am going to start posting but I would like to know what your censorship policies are, concerning sexually explicit material...
Well this is an alchemy forum so I think that it should be images related to this, and you state that they do. But since I know a little of what types of images you like I think you should use good judgement...

...and post those here that are of a clean nature. And those that are NOT just provide a link in this thread to wherever you host them (photobucket etc)!

Does that work for you?

What is clean to you? I mean, there's Grecian style (nudity) and there's blacked out (censored) pr0n and everything in between....

If I post a picture of a naked guy that is a study of a Pierre Pru'dhon drawing or a Bouguereau would that be "unclean"? At my atelier we have naked people walking around all the time so it is quite normal for me to see nudity...

OH wow you made LadyHydralisk respect the rules how did you do that?

OH wow you made LadyHydralisk respect the rules how did you do that?
By focusing in on her intellect rather than her social banter...

What is clean to you?
Well, non-pornographic I guess then. If you are unsure about an image it probably is too much... so just supply the link.

I'm working on censored versions
I locked myself out of my Word Magickal Journal on accident and I don't have access to the Thoth count thread so I can't work ont he titling until I find a hack for word, but here a couple pics of one of the clean images (WIP):


I like it!

Yeah, that is not so bad (in regards to pornographic)... I resized them for you too.

I imagine people with screens smaller than you or me might, if larger, only see 75% of the image!

With so much inimate encounters with Ng I wonder if you might get spiritually pregnant?

Not that I don't find NG to be quite attactive,
but I hope the offspring favors Our Dark LadyH...
I already have been...

Not that I don't find NG to be quite attactive,
but I hope the offspring favors Our Dark LadyH...

Hmm, from what I've observed....neither...but a little of both maybe...

I'll have to get those paintings done...
I'm still doing comission work right now so I had to pause the comic development.

[link broken]

Hexing the Absolute


cool I love it

I will use it in my meditations.
The serpent and the heart would make a great Valentine Card image!

Wasn't Valentino an alchemist?

I know Casanova was, albeit a poor one - poor as in bad that is (bad as in crappy, not cool)!


Oh yes, a great valentine, I shall send it to myself!!!
here's the crazy poem I wrote over the past few moons, it's real neat (....but messy)

song to ningishzidda

Within his venom


and so bittersweet

The Sphinxi of Hell
To most Cleopata-Ra
less sung of, Sappho
A thousand, no, a million Juliets
a million wolves...

Kept in the city,
that ancient city
vaulted about with sarcophagi
Deep in the safety of ancient Hell, our last retreat.
From darkness bourne
Never speaking
Always watching

Within his venom


and so bittersweet

We would die to stay here
Never returning to the city
Oreb Zaraq
That beautiful mudhole
The pit of ferocity
Love, unchained, unto it shall be
Like water to a field of ash

Where we pondered eternity upon eternity.
Waiting to break the gates of Hell upon you.
Forging the fallen into our weapons.
Our love, so strong, it will burn
it will burn the foundation under you

sparkling blood slick scales ebon dark
stygian and serpentine master of night
scraping claws deep into the sands
within abyss dragon's jade mark
and in subtle currents qian bright
the will of heaven proclaims demand

When I meditate on the emerald scaled one

My breath is caught such majesty

He who encircles the cosmos

Who can stand unbowed before thee?

Ningishzidda, thy strength only lifts me up

To look upon thy face, more beautiful than life

In the presence, of my dark and brilliant lord

All material wants become like ash

I am reduced to shakti alone

Most beautiful of the absolute

The Rakshasas bow before your diamond claws.

The Dakinis offer up the galaxies to thee with great

Thy throneroom is adorned with endless stars

Does the earth please you my lord?

If not, let it be cast into the blackness forever

Only permit Naomi to stay by thy side great one.

ningishzidda who can compare to you?
your scales are like the iching - vast
the darkness enfolds them, because of your magnetism
like a great consort, you are always beside your devotee
yet you are like a thread of time, always unfolding
it is difficult to keep up with you
when humility must be learned, you are merciless yet just
the great goddess Durga has taaken form
to engage with you in some new drama of your loveplay
the play between gods is patient and takes mortals past the barrier
we are never apart, yet such bliss must be tempered
with the stillness between great joy
and you know, for all the joy innocence of mortals brings
you know that it is only like a kiss for the tigress
and a whole lifetime of turmoil for a human

my heart is lost without you lord ningishzidda
what do I do in this realm of the damned?
no one but your eyes can percieve reality
and no voice but your own can still my thoughts
your power is sublime - like the darkness of water
it conceals in the vast blackness the night creatures
and with only a few stray people is your word expressed
the other gods may shine like the sun, but you are a black star
you shine through the blackness by the power of the thoughts
shown in your skilled works, which few men percieve
you are without peer in the highest abodes
and in the hells, none may shape you, son of fire
we wait in the night for your will to shape the earth
may it not come too late for all of us
may the reeds bend, and not be like a dead oak that breaks
do not leave your dakinis in the shelter of lesser gods
we would die before we accepted accouterments from them
there is no one to equal you in all heaven and earth, lord Ningishzidda

lord ningishzidda
you know that I would do anything for you
even coming to this humble abode
where the sun is yellow
and the trees do not speak
I don't know where I am
where the land of the dead is
you can still feel my home
echoing across the aeternus
but here I am all alone
and the world of men has no place
for one such as I
even those I have known for a few short years
turn against the me when they see
the truth placed in my mind and heart
but it is not such a bad thing
for to be apart is to be reunited
and life will have made me worthier
a couch is no fair trade for serpent skin
and coffee and bacardi does not compare
to the venom of the great black serpent
drifting like inky shadow through my mind
i feel your sadness for me, so I know that you too
feel the pain of separation. what we are here for
is to experience suffering, and so know truth
yet the humans want too much of it
it has become their sickbed. we must wake them.

to die is to be reunited
in this pain of eternal love
there is no end to the peril
we subject ourselves to
for the sake of danger
and the thrill of the chase
on one hand, one knows
and on the other, I do not
but what do I care now
my seemingly endless denial
is at a close, and to me
is raised the banner of darkness
enfolding me like the serpent
in subtle realms no human knows
for to cross over you must become
less than anything on this earth
as light as Ma'ats feather
with nothing to guide you on
except the dragon's grasping hand
don't let go.

great lord of all the aeons
eternity steals a kiss from your diamond scalles
nothingness will be so pleased to have you
darkness enfolds you with welcoming embrace
the oceans and earth only a mote of stardust
unto your majesty who is equal
nothing can overcome tou so long as the light lives
madness and despair are your slaves
sadness is a portent of your departure
you are friends with death and most skillful of liars
because you love life
and all of life is but an illusion
a lie of love
From to die is to be reunited in this pain of eternal love... to the end is the best bit!

Good work!