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Awhile back, I submitted a post written by Tony Bermanseder [real name], AKA John Shadow, AKA Tony Blue [Thuban forum], AKA Abraxasinas [Project Avalon forum] entitled The Parable of Hans Schatten:


Soon thereafter, I began a “Thuban Material” thread which, perhaps a week later, I asked a moderator to delete as I wondered if the author was perhaps attempting to form a cult of some sort and I found, at the time, a number of problematic components that I didn’t want to be party in broadcasting.

A year or so has gone by, I’ve taken the opportunity to delve more thoroughly into the material, and feel that there are enough gems contained therein that conscience compels me to at least make mention of it.

This one, very long thread, is, hands down, the most fascinating I’ve ever encountered on the internet:


[Note: The avatars (of avatars?) SuiGeneris & Rok are not the authors of the material but are individuals who transferred most of the thread from the Project Avalon forum, the moderators of which eventually banned John Shadow/Tony Bermanseder.]

Right from the first post, you might well find something to cause offence, but anyone willing to continue on through the thread will, I believe, feel that the game was worth the candle - whatever degree of agreement they might settle upon.

The following, is post 1122:
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Originally Posted by Malletzky Hi Abrax, I've allways been fascinated by the very first words of the bible:

1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
1:2 - And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
1:3 - And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
1:4 - And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

especially the "let there be light" passage.

I've always known, deep in my heart, that the meaning of this very passage is very special, but I somehow felt to "decipher' it. I'm pretty sure that, if we would be able to find out the real meaning of the "dividing the light from the dark", we would be able to find out how the creation "works".

Thanks to your posts on this thread in the last months, I may say that there came some 'light" in my "darkness", but I'm definitely still missing the core and the deepest meaning of these passages.

Would you be able to throw some 'light' here? May I assume that the above mentioned passages are really important? And how? Is it about creating duality and separatedness in order to understand the whole?

Sorry if you've eventually described this here before, but I seem to have missed this one so far.

thanks again, with much respect

Hi Malletzky!

This question is the bugbear, not only for all of science, but also for all religion.

Science 'stumbles' in material regression at the 'singularity', where the infinite meets and becomes the void and religion postulates supernatural precursors as somehow deriving from this 'natural emptiness or void'.
In the beginning there was no space or time, so how then can there be a beginning?

This beginning is like an uncut circle or loop, whose alpha-omega point remains undefined until the circle is cut (linearization from circularization technically).

But the concept of the possibility of the 'cutting' infers a logistic ordering of before (the cutting) and after the cutting. This is absolutely independent of space or time (which are connected by the lightpath X=cT anyway).

But even the visualization and concept of a circle requires space and so the 'Circle of the Void' cannot be geometrically dimensional in the common usage of the terminology.

Rather the principle of the Order substitutes for Space and the antiprinciple of Disorder/Chaos substitutes for the Nonspace.

So now you have reduced the cosmogenesis to the precept of how the space emerges from the nonspace. The key is in what (can) exist before the order principle. It is expansion/contraction and so say addition/subtraction.

The Order evolves from the possibility of the duality of the plus/minus (in core archetypes, later becoming charges, yin/yang wave particle and so on).

Then is there something more fundamental then the Expansion/Contraction 'Aeon' or Cherubimic Kingdom or Principality?

Yes there is: Identity/Antiidentity - defining the + to be the antiID of the - and vice versa (again in core archetype).

So you have a preBigBang prespacertimematter cosmology resting on 1-2-3 as Identity-Expansion-Order.

[The actual cosmogenesis is a monadic archetype (o+o=8 say) bifurcating into the binary archetype dyad {0,1} in an algorithmic selfprogramming of sorts].

Next comes the 'Invention' of Time as a Counting-Parameter and physically the inverse time as FREQUENCY.

The story continues in technical detail, but can also become expressed in 'scriptural-mythological' metaphor.


Forethought=Event A in Order as Before and Afterthought=Event B in Order as After Event A has occurred.

Event A is happening in the subplenum of the Void=Infinity and Event B becomes the MATERIALISATION (primarily via a physical cosmology based on the frequency parameter as inverse time) of the Event A.

Also note the highly significant passage in Genesis.2.5:
"And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

Can you see here the solution to the chicken-egg or DNA-RNA paradox - in the Rooster's Egg preceding the Hen's?

So what happened to the Adam in Genesis.1.27?

This Man (presumed to be Adam) is not the same Adam and they are simply the archetypes for Man and Woman BEFORE there was any physical creation.
This is also the Pigeradamus in the gnostic literature, the Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah, the Purusha in the Vedas and the Vitruvian Man of western alchemy (Leonardo da Vinci).

This is the 'Lovechild' of 'The Invisible One' as the Forethought and of Barbelo as the Afterthought.

This is the Logos known as 'Christos' or the Word in John.1.1. AND it is also YOU as the afterthought expressing the forethought.

John Shadow

Next the 'firmament' and the 'light' are defined in the below (especially #4), the 'firmament' being of course the 'divide' between the plenum of the physicalised emergent universe and the subplenum of the metaphysical (archetyped) universe.

In a sense the REALITY of God becomes dualised in the UNREALITY of the material universe RELATIVE to the 'imaginary' Creator and corollarily, the Self-Reality of the physical universe inhabitant can only be ascertained in rendering the Creator as Unreal or Imaginary (of course defining the skeptic/atheist position rather validly).

This is like you inside a bubble looking at the inside of the bubble surface - the outside (surface) of this bubble being in a 3D sense unfathomable and unreal to you as an inside observer.

The 'masterplan' then postulates an eventual 'piercing' of this doublesided manifold (inside+outside) in the allowance of rendering the twosidedness onesided and doubled (Moebius Strip).

This is then labeled as the 'Homecoming' of Gaia or the Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ in Manyness.

1. God's Power-Source

God's Power-Source is a form of 'eternal energy', yet 'unitarily particularised' not definable in any spacetime except in its mathematical formalism.
This mathematical logos so specifies what this concept of 'eternity' relative to its antistate of temporality implies. Those specifications then must also DEFINE the omniness of anything in relation to the God-concept.

In its most simple terms; the 'eternal energy' becomes a 'physicalisable' energy residing not in spacetimematter, but in a subplenum.

The subplenum is nontemporal, nonlocal and nonmaterial; but is defined in the mathematical principles and rules attaining to numerical systems, all based upon the binary code both algebraically and geometrically.

The geometric form of the 'Closed' Zero-Loop becomes physicalised in the 'Open' One-Loop or the Superstring and which then leads definition of a binary numeracy rootextended into the decimal in the archetypical set:
Binary-Monad BM: {0,1} → Decimal-Monad DM: {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}.

The subplenum so becomes a 2-dimensional Complex plane, with origin the Unity of the Binary-Monad BM, i.e. the eigenstate of either open-ended or closed superstring loops.
It is this UNITY within the subplenum (as itself and as a prior definition for 'God'), which then allows the nonphysicalised nature of God to define itself without the existence of space, time and/or matter.

This nonphysicality then utilizes the UNITY of ITSELF to extend its own self-definition by application of fundamental principles (see hierarchy of God in 9.).
In particular, the 6th principle of inversion allows the algebraic concept of the ratio to assume limiting functionalities (say in convergent and divergent asymptotic series and number sequences). This then allows boundary- and initial conditions for a subsequent physical reality to become established in the 'complex manifold' of the subplenum.

Division of the Unity=1 AS the Open-Geometric-Superstring by the Zero=0 AS the Closed-Geometric-Superstring so applies the Principle of Inversion WITHIN the Decimal-Monad hierarchy and DEFINES the quantum relativity between the subplenum and itself as a plenum comprised of the UNITY eigenstate.

The Unified Power-Source so is a God-Quantum which has UNLIMITED energy in the subplenum, because the 'Counting' of such subplenum units represents a 'Wholey Trinity' in being simultaneously Unity=FinityAfter=1 and Zero=FinityBefore=0 and Eternity=Infinity=8

God's Power-Source represents an Infinite Reservoir of SourceSink Subplenum 'IMAGINATION-Energy'; defined in the UNITY-God-Quantum and in an 'IMAGE-Energy', which becomes manifested in finite partiality in selfcontained closed systems, such as a Planck-Black Body-Radiator defining the entropy-related thermodynamic expansion (and cooling) of a physically finitised universe.

2. God's Operating System (OS) and Processor

God's OS is then the plenum of a physically imaged universe.
The eternity of God becomes 'trapped' in the asymptotic definitions of the 'Laws of Nature', which are all based on the algorithmic nature of the string monadic sets, which, under utility of the hierarchical principalities, allow mathematical relationships and proportionalities to become defined in abstract terms of the complex unity of the subplenum, before becoming IMAGED in the physicality of the finite spacetimematter, termed the universe's cosmogony and cosmology.

3. God's Output-Input Function

God's Input is naturally the UNIT of itself as the God-Quantum.
Iow, the quantization of the physicalised universe becomes a holofractal multiplication or quanta count of God itself. The universe, being a 'count' of God-Units so differentiates itself as the plenum of 'Finity of Measurement' from the subplenum of 'Infinity of Nonmensuration'.
Alternatively expressed, the metric spacetimes within a selfcontained thermodynamic system, subject to statistical integration of multidimensional and multifaceted energy eigenstates; become nonstochastic in the Unity energy selfstate of the subplenum.
The plenum so becomes a mirror image in the subplenum; remaining however as a finitized subset of the infinite superset as that image.

God's primary Input so becomes a finitised and countable quantum energy integral definitive for the total energy content of the so termed Quantum Big Bang. The precise quantum count is a function of the inflaton-instanton, defining the 11-dimensional supermembrane boundary (itself a quantum count as a surface area integration) to encompass the thermodynamically expanding 'Planck-Nugget-Seed', which is one dimension lower to allow a hybrid toroidal overall topology for the multidimensional universe, originating from a protoversal seed.

God's secondary Input is however a function of the PROCESSING capabilities of the primary Input becoming Output and subsequent Inputs multiply the protoversal seed as phaseshifted multiverses as a function of the Output potentials of the protoversed multiverses.

The purpose for the creation from the creator is simply the SIMULTANEOUS Self-Experience of God in the distinctions of the subplenum of oneness and the plenum of spacetime separations.

To EXPERIENCE ITSELF, God must bifurcate (and then holographically multifractalize) its own Unity.

The function of the Input is to experience 'on God's behalf' in the 'Kingdom of the Separation', namely the physical universe; and then to IMAGE in IMAGINATION and LOGISTICAL MODELS and FORMALISMS and otherwise 'as a processed Output' becoming the 'reflected' Input; reemitted from the plenum of the spacetimematter into the subplenum of the 'singularity'.

The PROCESSORS from and for God so become the God-Quantums in agglomeration, defining the 'Consciousness' of godlike spacetimematter containers.

God's Consciousness then becomes a particular energy-resonance eigenstate, defined in frequency and related derivatives (see 10.) and specifically in the concept of a 3-dimensional volumar being acted upon by a form of angular acceleration, the latter being by definition independent on the radial displacement of linear metrics and the separation of idealized coordinate 'points'.

The minimized 'consciousness-units' in God's cosmology are neutrons, evolving into hydrogen atoms, followed by molecules and macro-inertia conglomerations including chemical compounds, asteroids, moons, planets, stars and galaxies; viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mosquitoes, fish, salamanders, lizards, dinosaurs, birds, smilodons, australopithecines, orang-utans, bonobos, dogs and cats, Stanleys and Samanthas; Sirians, interdimensional extraterrestrials like methaned Venusians and groupgalactic Magellaneans to the SUMTOTAL of the universe's consciousness as the EVOLVING Superconsciousness of God itself.

And so, should you watch an ant crawling in your garden or should you engage in watching some birds of divers variety; you are OBSERVING God-consciousness in self-evolvement.

The Godsciousness of God within the universe is not only separated from its subplenum unity as the certainty of the unitary probability count; but is also separated in the plenum as plenar subconsciouness carriers in a kaleidoscope of multiplicity and individuation.

But ALL is God, attempting WITHIN to remember what IT is and using its 'scattered' Imagination what it could be and could become.

God's 'Masterplan' so is to multiply 'itself' without end in a 'Family of God'.
Yet, as long as the 'Family of Man' continues to refuse to 'Remember itself' in its 'Function of the Output' and continues to 'not-reflect' its god-given Input-Life back to its source; as long will the UNITIZED God-Source remain in exile relative to itself.

For the IMAGE-Function of God between the plenum and the subplenum and the holographic principle of the Decimal-Monad hierarchy demands a 'Mirror of Mirrors' within the plenum of the cosmological spacetimes.

Just as the One God reflects itself as the One Universe; so must there be A DAM (a sire and a dam) as a 'Universal Archetype' within the plenum to allow 'God's Story' to proceed.

The Image or mastertemplate for the One Universe so becomes 'Cosmic Man Vitruvius' of the hermetic alchemist Leonardo da Vinci or 'Purusha' of the Baghavad Gita or 'Adam Kadmon' of Kabbalah or the particular individuation Malletzky on PA forum discussion forum.

Then as a miniature universe; anything whatsoever and all godlike conciousness carriers within the plenum who Malletzky encounters in whatever manner of dreams, imaginations, physical observations, experimentations and interactions; will be enabled to USE Malletzky's spacetimed mirror potential to REFLECT themselves in that for the purpose to by and through Malletzky's mirror-portal to contact the Unity-Quantum-God in the subplenum.

4. God's Beginning

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
The definition for God as Energy so is preceded by something doing the 'defining', namely the Word=Logos=Definition. The undefined, say chaotic or unstructured subplenum energy so emerges in a defined state through the action of the Logos as the 'Logic of God' and being WITH God, becomes God.

The 'Beginning of God', before there is any physicalised energy (manifested in the quantum big bang through the inflaton-instanton), so engages 'God's Self-Awakening', i.e. it's own 'becoming conscious of itself'.
Once self-aware however, the physical cosmology can eventuate in God's bifurcation into 'Spiritual' Creator and 'Antispiritual' Creation and as Mirror-Functions of each other.
The subplenum 'pre-energy' so defines the 'Spirit' in terms of the nonseparated or superheterotic supermembrane prior to the modular duality between the heterosis becomes established.
The 26-dimensional bosonic superstring of the subplenum so defines a circularly mathematical complex continuum from which the vibratory sourcestring Eps decouples from its winded antistate of the winding sinkstring Ess in the plenum to recombine in the 11-dimensional supermembrane EpsEss. Technically, the heterosis engages the conifoldment of 16-dimensional anticlockwise vibration patterns onto 10-dimensional clockwise frequency eigenstates to define 10-dimensional hybrid superstrings.

5. God's End

God's End is God's Beginning as the alphaomega and the recircularisation of the supermembrane loops.

In terms of the subplenum, this defines the circularity of time in the nonexistence of a temporal flow of time with particular pasts, presents and futures. Only a Now-Moment and as the 'uncut' string-loop exists as the 0-binary eigenstate.

Yet, the plenum demands the concept of a 'flow of time' in a coupling to the entropy definitions of the algorithmic definitions underpinning the 'Laws of Nature'.
So the Quantum Big Bang eventuated following a 'string-epoch' and bounded in the inflaton-instanton of timeinstantenuity.

Technically, timeinstantenuity becomes the sinksource frequency fss=1/fps in modular duality becoming the inverse squareroot of the maximum entropy selfstate counter {as [df/dt]max=fps2 =E*/h=e*h see 10.} and as the 'Consciousness-Resonance' Eigenstate as the upper bound for the godlike consciousness carriers.

However, as the protoverse is defined in the inflaton preceding the materialising spacetimes in:
{VdeBroglie=RHubble.fps=c.fps/Ho=cfpsdt/dn}, and since the linearised cosmoevolution of the inertial 10-dimensional protoverse must remain asymptotic as a function of cycletime n=Hot; the End of this cosmology must be defined before its Beginning from parameters defining the eternity of the subplenum.

The End of God so becomes a Cyclicity embedded into the formalisms for the asymptotic cosmology, defining the cosmogony ontologically.

Technically (and in Black Hole physics described elsewhere) then; the overall cosmic consciousness evolution is expected to have progressed enough every 4 trillion years or so, to trigger a 'renewed' 'consciousness explosion' of the 'eternal God' to RECHARGE the seedling protoverse in a renewal of the nuclear (read dineutron/ylemic) fuel for steller regeneration.

Every 4000 billion years or so, a new Quantum Big Bang eventuates, seeded however upon the primordial seed of the initialising inflaton-instanton from the subplenum.

6. God's Location in Within-Without Bilocality

The subplenum God is without spacetimematter and so is defined as omnipresent, omnitimed, omniscientific and omnipotent by the Logos.
The Unitary God-Quantum forms the 'Bridge' for the subplenum God to experience its own separation as an integral of the God-Quantum in the spacetimed plenum.
God remains eternally unified however; as the microquantum of the sourcesink string eigenstate (which defines the 'Bridge') is in 'eternal' selfcoupling to its sinksource string-antieigenstate, the latter defining the macroquantum.

Technically, the vibratory stringscale is of the wormhole order of 10-22/2π (cosmic meters m*); whilst its reciprocal gives the modular duality in the halo-galactic scale of 2πx1022 m* or about 7 million lightyears.

7. God's Laws of Nature

There are two primary algorithms, which generate the fundamental constants of nature in cosmic units (*). The cosmic unitary system comes into effect by any cosmic civilisation measuring just two fundamental ratios in the proportionality constants between Energy and Mass as E/M=c2 and between Energy and Frequency as E/F=h.

As the energy unit (Joule*) contains the kg-m-s mensuration, any experimental determination of Planck's Constant 'h' and Einstein's Constant 'c2', will suffice to calibrate the mass-displacement-time measurement standards for the first of the 'Natural Laws'.
This can be written as:
Energy E=hf=mc2
E=hf iff m=0; (requiring c=fλ as universal lightspeed finestructure)
E=mc2 iff f=fss (as the Eigenfrequency of mass)
The first algorithm generates the following configurations under utility of the fundamental principles of the hierarchy (see 9.) and in the order:

{C1=N1=4; C2=N2=6; C3=N3=7; C4=I1=1/[6x1015]; C5=D12 =9x1016; C6=N4=11; C7=I2=1/[15x1032]; C8=D22=14x1524; C9=I3=1/[15x1618]; C10=26x6561}.
From this set; the numerical parameters to manifest a physically finetuned cosmology derive with an integer-based lightspeed constant c=3x108 (m/s)*=D1 coupled to a similarly integerized action constant h=1/[15x1032] (Js)*=I2.

The second algorithm is of the syntax form for a linearised subplenum superstring:
"Add the End to the Beginning and Begin the Head with the Tail!"

8. God's Subjectivity-Objectivity in regards to the Universal Laws of Nature

God is both Object and Subject relative to Reality.

Within the plenum, the God-idea becomes a subjective 'picture' as a 'negative' for the objective physical reality as a 'positive' observable and measurable entity.

Without the plenum and so within the subplenum, God is the objective 'spiritual' reality; this SPIRIT becoming rigorously definable as the quantum energy eigenstate for the minimised possible measurement within the plenum (and so as the Planck-Singularity of string-looped quantum physics).

The subjectivity within the plenum so manifests in the multiplicity of the physicalised units 'bridging' the abyss into the subplenum of the 'spiritual reality'.

This 'spiritual reality' so becomes an inertia independent form of electromagnetic monopolar radiation; activating under the acceleration of the God-quanta, namely the angular awareness function of the timedifferential of frequency (df/dt=Consciousness/UnitVolume and fmax2=e*/V*=2Rec2/(2π2r*3)=8πRec5mcompton3/h3 and so defining the quantum Compton-Mass configuration for the God-Resonance energy eigenstate measurable under the appropriate initial- and boundary conditions in mcompton=2.505...x10-23 kg* or about 2.25 microjoules or about 14.03 TeraElectronvolts (TeV).

The design-maximum (presently unattainable) energy of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Geneva, Switzerland so would, if fully operational at maximum capacity, 'tap' the 'Envelope of God's Selfstate Energy'.

This energy level behaves PHYSICALLY like the event horizon of a Kerr-Ringed Black Hole.

But here it is the quantum eigenstate for the minimum inertia manifestation which surrounds the wormhole of the God-SourceSink energy quantum (see 10.) at 1/e*=0.002 Joules* or about 12,450 TeV as the UNITARY GOD bridging the plenum with the subplenum.

At 12,450 TeV; the experimental observer would so witness God as the physical reality IT represents.

To reduce the Beginning of the Universe to an asymptotic recession cannot solve the 'Origin of God' question; because this infinite reduction CANNOT escape the plenum.
The Nullstate of the plenum so becomes the idea of the physical energy singularity as the limit for this reductionism.

The other way around is however completely feasible and the actuality for the cosmic expansion scenarios.

Once you have 'a beginning' in the spacetimematter quanta, then a simple multiplication and summation of such spacetimematter- or God-string-quanta can become asymptotic in an Infinite Approach to UNITY or Oneness.

This then is the statistical probability count, which must always be 1 in total integration.
So having the beginning, the cosmological evolution for the universe can be ever better approximated and modelled via improving measurement apparatus and theoretical calculations.

The trouble is the singularity of infinite physical quantifications.
But because God must be a Quantum-God to be WITHIN the spacetimematter plenum; it becomes easy to postulate this Quantum-God to be precisely the minimum physical energy configuration eigenstate for the physical universe and as the boundary condition, the initial- and end condition and as the LIMIT for all measurements using spacetimematter- or plenum parameters.

Then it is also easy to take the next logical step and postulate that the Quantum-God of the plenum is also the Quantum-God of the subplenum with the caveat, that spacetimematter parameters do not exist in the subplenum and so the Quantum-God must remain physically unreal or imaginary.

They become REALISED however in the understanding that the subplenum is the VOID and the VOID is simultaneously Nothing AND Everything.

This Nothing and Everything then MANIFESTS in the plenum as the minimum- and maximum energy eigenstates (technically defined in superbrane parameters of the modular duality, which brings the theories together in a grand unification of all things able to exist - including all of the imaginary things).

The minimum selfstate of the Quantum-God is a LIMIT of time measurement and just like a smallest possible circle unwinding itself to define the lightpath for the circle's perimeter transversion.

The maximum selfstate is a little different, as it must encompass the antistate of the minimum configuration as well as the potential expansion of the plenum under the auspices of the subplenum providing Information-Energy as Data, which can then become physicalised thermodynamic-entropic energy in the plenum.

This is the Infinite Approach being allowed and the Infinite recession being disallowed in the 'Laws of Nature' defining the Quantum-God.

9.God's Hierarchy

Summararily then, the Origin of God is God itself, becoming multiplexed from its monoplexed monadic singularity selfstate.

The details engage algorithmic encodings, built on 10 universal principles, 7 of which have antistates, whilst 3 have not. The principles and algorithms generate the fundamental constants, used in proportionalities and ratios for the universe of spacetimematter to be born and to become descriptive in mathematical equations.

The 10 principalities (which are archetyped as cherubimic and demonic kingdoms in the older languages of the ancient scrolls) are:

1. Identity-AntiIdentity
2. Expansion-Contraction
3. Order-Disorder=Entropy=Chaos
4. Symmetry-Antisymmetry=Disparity=Distortion
5. Infinity=Divergence-Limit=Convergence
6. Inversion=Reciprocity-Constancy=Invariance
7. Reflection-Absorption (6&7 define Hebrews.6.18)
8. Relativity (No AntiPrinciple---Revelation17.11)
9. Quantization=Holofractalisation (No AntiPrinciple)
10.New Identity, using 1-9 to transform the Old Dual-Identity

10. God's Definition in omniscientific terms of quantum-relativistic supermembranes

Quantum Relativity links the metrics of Einsteinian Relativity to their original metaphysical cosmogenesis. Theistic- and Spiritual definitions become a consequence of magnetocharged superbranes as wormhole singularities 'before' spacetime creation as progenitors for inertia.

LOVE is a VIBRATORY RESONANCE described in a GAUGE SOURCESINK-PHOTON in its supersymmetric selfcoupling under modular duality and which can be defined in its own resonance eigenstate as:

E*=kT*=hf*=hc/λ*=m*c²=1/e* for Unity E*e*=1 and its coupling parameters.

Energy*=Heterotic Supermembrane HE(8x8)=EpsEss
=GODDOG=DOGGOD=Supersymmetry in alphanumeric abstract complexity

__________________________________________________ _______________________________

Tony Bermanseder’s primary website:


Some articles I especially like:

April in Wonderland aka Alice in Mirrorland aka Cosmology 101


The Secret of Humanity


A Scientific paper on Ormus [replace the number “8“ with 1-10 for additional papers]:

Monatomic Superconductivity in the Alchemy of the Stability of the Nucleus


Of special interest to me (and what I intuit to be the case) is the author’s contention that this universe (as a/the protoverse) has value and significance and that there will be a sort of dimensional twist (I’ve had the independently-arrived-at sense that everything is going to, so to speak, turn inside-out) that will allow for birthing of distinct-yet-integrated multiverses. I could never shake the feeling that physicality had an important design purpose and, although, in some sense, merely quasi-real, was destined to become more definitively real. Quite simply: much of this material rings true for me at this time - although I‘m not taking it, unquestionably, as “a package deal” by any means.

I’ll close with the disclaimer from my original Thuban Material post:

“I am neither scientifically nor mathematically trained so I cannot authoritatively substantiate his Physics and Math. I have, however, been reading through a number of alternate Physics and proto-math/topology theories recently and so there are a lot of factors in my “information cloud” that are brought into consideration when I examine his propositions and all I can say is that his rigor and sophistication in working with these elements is, to me, very satisfying. I feel intrusively drawn to at least work through this material even though I find about a fourth of it rather off-putting.

I trust that any AlchemyForums member venturing into this material is well-equipped to fend for themselves. It is only natural that the material itself be, more or less, implicitly presented as “a package deal” but, as individual explorers guided by our intuitive feeling-sense, we are ever free to extract the “gems” while dismissing the “slivers” - without the compunction to either accept or reject the material as a package. It may simply serve as a catalyst, or stepping-stone, or resource for some new & useful conceptual elements. You may find the material effecting a temporary “shift in your assembly point” from which perspective you can upgrade/supplement some previous premises… and then move on.

Our incarnational aspects are explorers. Travelers may use a map but explorers generally utilize, draw from, compare, contrast and seek to refine, integrate, and improve all available useful maps as they interact with and intuitively explore new territory along their individual incarnational trajectory. There is always [seemingly] some element of risk involved in genuine exploration. There may be times when one experiences disorientation [which often turns out to be the effect of a deeper reorganization] but the activity of mapping and conceptual ordering itself seems, to me, to always have some ambit of validity. Which would seem to imply an ultimate correspondence between conceptual understanding and reality, a Logos, that this aspect of ourselves is working towards, while our greater aspect, so to speak, is always already there. In a sense, it is a process of re-membering. It seems strange that we should have to go through this - but perhaps there is a good reason - i.e. cumulative value beyond some endlessly repetitive “play of illusion” scenario.

There are many, many cosmologies/cosmogonies out there. I just find this to be one of the most fascinating and conceptually sophisticated presentations I have yet encountered and so submit it for your perusal, enjoyment and edification - with, frankly, some measure of embarrassment regarding what any given reader might find to be its more problematical propositions.”

Keywords: Archetypes, Genesis, Logos, Gnosis, Dimensions, Androgyny, Void, Fake God, Mirror, Mobius/Klein Bottle, Dimensions, Androgyny, Fractals, 2012

04-09-2012, 11:13 AM
I find it curious that someone talking about '4D-5D/Gaia/Ascension' on December 2012 - also links (from his site) to a web-ring dealing with physical survival and 'supplies' for 2012.

Maybe I'm missing something...

Also, from the mentioned thread:

Then a student in some other star-system or galaxy can tune into some video transmission and watch the human wars and self-abuse to learn the lessons WITHOUT having to physically experience those lessons 'the hard way'.

To whoever wrote (and actually believes) the above:

Dream on :)

Too scared to come in here and have a go at first hand experience, aye?

I always wonder what they'll come up with next, to try and circumvent 'Earth School'...

You can't Graduate without taking your Finals :p
By the way, I am NOT disputing or contradicting the psyence/cosmology/mythology/iconography/dimensional numerology employed in that thread.

Maybe just the 'intentions' of the employer(s)... I haven't (yet) read enough of the materials... They do look 'interesting'.

Oops, I think I just misspelled a 'new' word into existence... Or maybe it already 'existed' and 'I' wasn't aware of it...

I accidentally typed 'internesting' instead of 'interesting', was alerted by the spellchecker (an InterNesting word in itself :)) and then realized the mis-spelling was also 'interesting'. Ha!


An infinity (of infinities) of (complicated) words are (from my perspective) equal (or less?) to absolute silence when attempting to describe (the core of) all that is (perceived to be)...