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04-24-2012, 12:24 PM
Does anyone know where I can find it (in print or otherwise) ?

Quote from this book:

"The Western initiate makes use of
the spiritual connections between plants and the
planets. The herbal preparations used in alchemical
gnosis, do not contain psychoactive compounds, instead
these Alchemical Medicines of the Soul set up a
nocturnal, astral erudition, between the seeker and their
Inner Master. This allows the user to safely and
consciously enter the spirit world, and experience its
reality and share in its knowledge.<br><br>Alchemical
Gnosis is the process of using Alchemical Medicines of
the Soul with conscious-intent, within the paradigm
of Hermetic philosophy, with the goal of stimulating
the development of the human bodies spiritual energy
centers, in order to establish knowledge of and
communication with your Inner Master… ”. Excerpt from
“Alchemical Gnosis: Yoga of the West” by John H. Reid III

04-24-2012, 07:21 PM
There is this, but the site that is supposed to have the book is under construction.

JOHN H. REID III is a practicing alchemist who studied with Hans W. Nintzel and Russell House. From a young age, John was fascinated with the sciences and occult subjects. He was trained as a Medical Laboratory Technologist by the U.S. Air Force, after his tour of duty john worked as a baker, photographer, and phlebotomist. He has been a practicing spiritual and practical laboratory alchemist for over 20 years. His first book "The Minor Opus" was aground breaking presentation of the actual alchemical process used in making a plant stone that exactly followed the phenomenological descriptions given by the old masters as to the changes of the philosophical matter undergoes during its gestation. This text of the book was later placed on the web on Adam Mcleans alchemy website (www.alchemywebsite.com/johnreid.html) to serve as a basis for a course in practical plant alchemy for thousands of people from around the world. "The Minor Opus" has been translated into the German and Czech languages with a Spanish edition to come out in the near future. Johns second book Alchemical Gnosis Yoga of the West found at www.AlchemicalGnosis.com gave detailed instructions on how to use the products made in "The Minor Opus" to increase ones spiritual evolution. See interview with John Reid at http://www.triad-publishing.com/stone19a.html. John currently lives in upstate New York on a farm where he grows many of the herbs used in making his plant stones and where he maintains his large alchemical laboratory. He also teaches alchemy classes through Spagyria, Inc. Institute of Parachemistry found at www.Spagyria.com and sells his plant stones and other spagyric/alchemical products through www.GoldenVessels.com.
- http://alchemyconference.com/archive/bios2007.htm