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05-03-2012, 05:28 PM
Is this one half of the philosophers stone?

The little i know suggests that this (Jewel) is the lower ("Ascending Microcosmic") triad in perfect harmony. When in perfect balance the microcosmic unites with the macro-cosmic, Man at the dead of night, ascends the Mountain to find the treasure ---->


When the night is very dark within, then in a great silence the quest begins for the Mountain. It is reached at midnight, the middle night of the soul, when all the passions are stilled and all the images of sense are obscured. But there is an unknown desire that wells up from these depths and in those that know the Seeker makes to call from his heart on God, a voice upraised in the very deep of the soul; for now the end is nigh. The Lion and the dragon, the eager birds of prey shall fly before that which is our Guard as the perpetual light shines forth.

Any ideas? Is the philosophers stone both part of us, and apart from us? Can both parts be reunited in a practical way?:rolleyes:


Black Sclera
06-01-2012, 06:46 AM
A quite toxic meme has run rampid within the discussion of alchemy in my opinion and this has to do with the words we use to describe the different paths and our connotations with them.
Such as practical (physical, dealing with mater) and spiritual (mental, ethereal, outside of mater) this creates an either or situation when really they are one in the same.
The point in which we end and the outside begins becomes extremely murky when you really try to divide them and realize just how much you are apart of the world and by extension all of creation.
All is manifestation of god and the stone is the gift of mind given to those that have faithfully sought it, to acquire it as part of us is to be able to create it apart from us and vise versa.

but god does not give gifts to those that would misuse them...

or at least this is how i understand it...... (or like to understand it)........

06-03-2012, 09:53 PM
Hi Black Sclera, this is precisely what I was trying to grasp in another post, Practical=Spiritual. Finding the crossover between outer and inner, Object and Subject, and ultimately the findings of Physicists and the Psychologists.

Are these Dualistic concepts Recombined (implying a pre-existing relationship) or Married (implying a new relationship)? It is possible that all ideas are dual, by their very nature. In which case, as you suggest in another post, one sees the word (through Nous?) but does not hear it (Through Dianoia?).


Black Sclera
06-06-2012, 06:15 AM
Dualism only exist because we create it, or a better way of saying it is we stop at the stage of thought development where we separate details. This is were we get our dualism black and white, good and bad, matter and void, and all the stresses we put on ourselves from projecting this incomplete view of the world into reality for it to seldom ever work that way. The next step is to find your "crossover" to perform a coagulation and mend our poles into something analogist to a smear, a fade, a shade. One of the best saying i ever picked up as an artist is that you should never use hard lines always shade in the difference. As for the saying you referred to (it's Terence Mckenna's btw) i believe this is just to open one up to the idea that gnosis does not need to be transmitted through language but can be known in an instant through vision either through the eyes or in the mind.