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05-10-2012, 11:47 AM
This morning I started my foray into the practical side of the Great Work. Morning came a touch too early for my tastes, however I persevered. Although I have an inquiry- why don't any of the greats tell us how tiring it is to grind your herbs with a mortar and pestle? *chuckle*

I went with the oldie but goodie melissa officialnalis (lemon balm). She'll macerate for a month or two. Likely two, as I have to move come August. Does anyone know whether moving with a macerating mixture is a bad idea? I figure if I keep it in the trunk of my car, tightly wrapped in various things and kept from sunlight that it will be fine. Opinions and theories are welcome.

05-10-2012, 07:44 PM
Hmmm...When I divorced my ex-wife, I had a glove box with newly sprouting P. Cyanescen mushrooms that I had to put in a friend's hot garage loft for a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, they flourished without my doting care. They were very difficult to cultivate. I had to have a my best friend send me chopped Alder wood from Massachusetts to Florida. The spores had to be grown on agar, then transferred to grain, then to pasteurized cardboard, and finally to wood chips. I suppose the point is that even with a delicate and temperature-sensitive procedure, my 'intention' and 'love' for the outcome transcended the distance between me and my fungal friends. Eventually, I took the box back, dried some, and planted some in the mangrove swamp at my new apartment. They are perhaps the most powerful species, and they gave me back the energy I put into them. Perhaps the same thing will apply to your project.

solomon levi
05-12-2012, 03:39 PM
Should be fine. Macerations are usually shaken once or twice a day anyway. :)

05-14-2012, 02:15 AM
Huzzah! Thank you both Markos and Solomon! Which reminds me, I have to go shake it up. *shake shake shake*