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01-06-2009, 01:44 AM
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I'm sure most of you have heard about hurricane Ike by now. I live directly in the path of the storm, so we're about to get hit with a decent size cat 2 hurricane. We also have to worry about tornadoes being spun off by the feeder bands, and also major flooding.

This means I will most likely not have power or internet for a few days, up to a week. I'll be sure to take pictures of the aftermath after the storm, and maybe snap a few during the height of the storm. Would look decently cool I think.

One more thing, I've been doing research on the phonetic cabala. I've focused on the "oak" tree. Interestingly enough, "Ike" is actually the phonetic equivalent of the "oak tree."

O.E. ac "oak tree," from P.Gmc. *aiks (cf. O.N. eik, O.Fris., M.Du. ek, Du. eik, O.H.G. eih, Ger. Eiche), of uncertain origin with no certain cognates outside Gmc. The usual I.E. base for "oak" (*derwo-/*dreu-) has become Mod.Eng. tree. Used in Biblical translations to render Heb. elah (probably usually "terebinth tree") and four other words. The O.N. form was eik, but there were no oaks in Iceland so the word came to be used there for "tree" in general.

Some of you may be like, what the heck, and honestly it doesn't have any "real" meaning. I just thought it was an interesting "coincidence."
I hope you, your family and friends stay safe.

Also that's an interesting bit about oak, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the kind words Jepetto.

The family evacuated yesterday, but I couldn't bear to part from my home. I honestly don't think it will be all too bad, but I could be very wrong.
The wind is really starting to pick up here, but so far there hasn't been any rain. Wind gusts are probably around 50mph so far, with 45 sustained. I'm expecting 90-100+ mph wind gusts with atleast 80 sustained for a few hours.

The power should fail in a few hours, so I have a few more hours to enjoy the comforts of the technological age.
I've survived a few twisters when living in Oklahoma... it is an amazing phenomenon.

Stay safe!

Ah, so everybody, it was MUCH worse than I expected, and even much worse than what the National Hurricane Center predicted.

I am in one piece though, and all my possessions survived intact (house, car, etc). We're still without power, so that means no internet (I'm posting from work right now). It's been a week so far without electricity. It's really balmy and hot where I live, so it's definitely challenging.

I have well wishes for everybody here, and hopefully I can bring myself up to date with the happenings of the board before I leave work today.

I also have pictures like I promised, but it may be a while before I'm able to upload them (atleast until I get power).

I am in one piece though, and all my possessions survived intact (house, car, etc).

Glad to hear you're ok.
Yes, good to hear you came through ok. I look forward to seeing your pics and hope power gets restored soon.
Thanks for the kind words and well wishes deviadah, k89, and Jepetto!
Ah ha!

So we have power. I'll try to get those pictures uploaded sometime within the next day (batteries need to charge).